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Struggling with alcohol use or drug addiction rarely happens in isolation. Rather, many people facing addiction issues experience changes in mood, significant anxiety, or other mental health concerns. Learning about the relationships between mental health and substance use is a good step in working toward a healthy recovery. Check out these New Mexico dual diagnosis rehab centers to get the treatment you or a loved one may need.

Prevalence of Mental Health Problems in New Mexico

New Mexico is at the epicenter of mental health problems and substance abuse in the United States. Thousands of people in the state struggle with these issues, which are frequently ignored or swept under the table. For example, 9.3 percent of New Mexico’s residents report that they currently feel depressed, reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Depression frequently affects sleep, mood, thinking abilities, appetite, and other aspects of health. As a result, it is one of the most debilitating health conditions facing our world today, according to the World Health Organization. Anxiety disorders are also common, affecting 12 percent of the New Mexico population.

Serious mental illness remains a major concern in New Mexico, with 4.1 percent of the population reporting that they have recently experienced serious psychological distress. Serious mental health problems such as PTSD, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder are profoundly distressing and cause significant impairment. For example, these conditions may lead to erratic behavior, recklessness or impulsive behavior, disorganized thinking patterns, abnormal emotional processing, and inability to properly care for oneself.

What Does “Dual Diagnosis” Mean?

Although substance abuse issues sometimes occur in isolation, they are often accompanied by changes in mood, anxiety, or other mental health factors. For example, a person who feels very anxious may begin drinking several glasses of wine or taking prescription medications to calm down. Soon, the person may realize that the drinking and prescription drug use is problematic, interfering with aspects of daily life, and no longer controlling anxiety symptoms.

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When a person experiences co-occurring mental health problems and substance abuse issues, treatment professionals call this a “dual diagnosis.” Simply put, it means that both the substance use and mental health issues are important in understanding the patient’s functioning. A good treatment provider will use this information to treat both concerns simultaneously. By tackling the substance use and the mental health problems at the same time, the patient has the best chance of achieving a full recovery. Learning strategies to control cravings and manage a mental health condition are both important parts of the recovery process.

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