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Mental illness and addiction are often inherently related to one another, and many addicts don’t even realize it. Medical professionals, researchers, and scientists are just beginning to uncover the depth of the relationship between these two types of disorders; and the data is starting to shed light on how easy it is for those with mental illness to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. It is important for patients who are suffering from both mental illness and addiction to realize that they may need the help of a specialized treatment plan, one that addresses both of their conditions at the same time rather than each one separately.

In Michigan, mental illness and depression is especially prevalent. More than 9 percent of adults in Michigan over the age of 18 suffer from clinical depression, and many of those same patients are prone to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. In addition, more than 9 percent of people in Michigan have experienced severe psychological distress and during the last 30 days, residents in Michigan said they spent more than 3.7 days feeling mentally unwell. So even those who do not suffer from clinical depression or serious psychological trauma are still more likely to experience days where they feel sad, stressed or anxious — which can have an impact on their likelihood of becoming an addict.

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With this data in mind, it is likely that many people in Michigan who are suffering from some form of mental illness also will be connected with addiction in one or another. One of the reasons that people who suffer from mental illness are more likely to also suffer from addiction is because they can turn to alcohol and other substances in order to try and make themselves feel better. Instead of seeking help from a qualified medical professional, a person who feels stressed, anxious, or depressed might resort to self-medicating with alcohol. This can lead to alcoholism, as the person continues to rely more heavily on drinking alcohol in order to feel better, sleep or cope with their stress.

People who believe that they are suffering from both addiction and mental illness should understand that there are treatment centers available that cater specifically to their needs. Michigan’s dual diagnosis rehab centers are designed especially for people suffering from mental illness who also are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Dual diagnosis rehab centers offer unique programs for their patients– including inpatient and outpatient care–that allows them to get the medication they need in order to feel well both inside and out. At the same time, they complete therapy programs that allow them to talk with other patients about their addiction to alcohol and drugs and the impact that mental illness has had on their addiction. Many people find that dual diagnosis rehab centers are the only way to successfully combat addiction while suffering from mental illness at the same time.

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