Colorado Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

Years ago, many people knew that mental illnesses existed but many of these diseases and conditions went untreated and were not spoken about. This led to a variety of issues for people in their personal lives and it also developed into ongoing societal issues. However, today, Colorado dual diagnosis rehab centers provide patients who are battling mental illnesses with the treatment that they need while also helping them to become permanently sober.

Linking Drug And Alcohol Addiction With Mental Illness

While less than 7 percent of adults over the age of 18 suffer from clinical depression in Colorado, there is still a need for dual diagnosis rehab centers in the state. It is true that clinical depression and severe psychological trauma are not considered a prevalent issue in this state, but there are still many people who suffer from mental distress often enough. In fact, Colorado adults reported that they had about 3 mentally unhealthy or unstable days every month throughout the year. During these times, many people might resort to coping with their stress, depression or unhappiness with drugs or alcohol. What might start out as an initial reaction or coping mechanism to a minor problem can quickly lead to a long-term battle with substance abuse and addiction.

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In fact, mental illness and addiction to drugs and alcohol are often related. Most people who suffer from addiction to alcohol or other drugs also have some type of mental illness. In many cases, these same patients do not even realize that their addiction is related to a mental illness. When a mental illness–including depression and anxiety–goes untreated, it can exacerbate the problems associated with addiction. A person who suffers from mental illness might find that their addiction is worse because of the side effects of their condition, or they may not know how to cope with their mental illness otherwise. Treating a mental illness like depression or anxiety with medications can be tricky. Drugs like Xanax or Valium that are prescribed to individuals with addictive personalities can wind up addicted to these prescribed medications. Take caution when prescribed these medications and always ask your doctor questions.

Diagnosis, Treatment, And Your Recovery

Dual diagnosis is a unique form of addiction treatment that helps patients understand their own mental illness, while also providing them treatment for both their illness and their addiction. This means that patients who enter this type of rehab center will be treated for both their mental illness as well as addiction, and hopefully enjoy the most successful recovery process possible. Addicts who also suffer from mental illness of some form or another may not be successful utilizing other forms of addiction treatment, because the root cause of their addiction is not being addressed by the rehab center. It’s important to note that drugs and alcohol are often used by people who suffer from mental illness as a way of self-medicating their issues, but at the same time, the use of drugs and alcohol can make the symptoms associated with the mental illness much worse.

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