California Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers

When an individual suffers from both substance abuse and mental health disorders, treatment is more complicated and full recovery is harder to achieve. However, treating both conditions simultaneously can improve the patient’s chances of success. Rehabilitation facilities that treat mental abuse and addiction together are known as dual diagnosis centers. These centers are available in most states, including California.

California Mental Health Statistics

The Centers for Disease Control report that between 7 and 8 percent of people in California meet the qualifications for serious psychological distress. When surveyed, 13.5 percent of Californians reported having a history of diagnosed depression, while 9.6 percent reported a history of diagnosed anxiety. The issue of mental illness continues into old age, as more than 60 percent of people over age 65 report having a diagnosis of at least one type of mental health problem.

Addiction and Mental Illness

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, mental illness can worsen substance abuse and vice versa. Unfortunately, a large portion of patients suffering with one of these conditions also faces the other. In fact, the NAMI reports that mental illness sometimes arises for the first time after a patient has consumed a controlled substance. People with mental illness may also use drugs to self-medicate and lessen the symptoms of their condition. However, even though the drugs may provide short-term relief, they can heighten mental health problems in the long run.

Understanding Dual Diagnosis Programs

Patients diagnosed with addiction and mental illness present a unique set of challenges for treatment professionals. When someone is addicted to a controlled substance, he or she is less likely to follow mental health treatment plans established by physicians or counselors. Because the patient doesn’t adhere to the treatment plan, his or her mental health suffers. In fact, according to the NAMI, patients who are using at the time of mental health treatment are more likely to experience complications from both illnesses, including hospitalizations and suicide.

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Dual Diagnosis programs deal with the connection between addiction and mental illness by actively treating both conditions with the same treatment plan. Because both conditions are addressed, the patient is more likely to stick to the program and achieve improved mental health and sobriety. Dual diagnosis programs can also lessen the likelihood of complications from either condition.

Cities In California With Dual Diagnosis Rehab Programs

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