Washington Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Every year, over 475,000 individuals across the state of Washington abuse or are dependent upon alcohol or drugs. Not properly treating a substance abuse problem can result in legal trouble that ranges from DUI/DWI to possession charges. Fortunately, Washington has a variety of court-ordered rehab programs available to help these individuals get the treatment they need.

Data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggests that 51.8 percent of males nationwide over the age of 18 who have a dependency on alcohol for over a year will be arrested two or more times. When it comes to illegal drug dependency, 36 percent of males nationwide will be arrested on drug charges two or more times.

The legal system acknowledges that substance abuse problems can be problematic and treatment should be sought instead of punishment. Court-ordered drug or alcohol treatment is often suggested, or even required, when individuals find themselves in legal trouble.

What is Court-Ordered Drug Treatment?

Essentially, court-ordered drug treatment is when the legal system uses its authority to require an individual to seek treatment for an existing substance abuse problem. This treatment may be required as part of a pretrial arrangement, plea agreement, probation, or even as part of the sentencing.

Legal systems often use court-ordered drug treatment as a way to keep non-violent individuals out of prisons. The system understands that substance abuse problems are often caused by deeper issues and problems. Instead of punishing an individual, especially young adults or first time offenders, with jail time, they would prefer them to get the help they need. That is the goal of court-ordered drug treatment.

Court-ordered drug treatment varies depending upon the legal system and/or individual. It could be an educational class that teaches the dangers of drinking and driving or using drugs, or it could be required counseling or outpatient services.

Court-ordered drug treatment is successful in helping individuals get the help they need. Many times those with a substance abuse problem are unaware that they need treatment. Forcing them to get help as part of a legal obligation can help them overcome their substance abuse problem.

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If you or a loved one has been court-ordered to attend drug or alcohol treatment, RehabCenter.net can help. Contact us to find a comprehensive list of facilities within Washington that offer court-ordered treatment.

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