28 Nevada Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Individuals who have been charged with a drug-related crime in Nevada have the option to attend a court-ordered treatment program to get the help they need to overcome addiction. These programs are designed to help people put addiction behind them while also hoping to reduce the amount of crime in the state.

Engaging in criminal activity often relates to addiction and substance abuse. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 38 percent of first time arrests relate to alcohol abuse and 18 percent relate to illicit drug abuse. When individuals are arrested two or more times, the rates increase to almost 51 percent of crimes relate to alcohol consumption and 36 percent relate to illicit drug abuse.

In Nevada, roughly 52 percent of residents drink alcohol and 24 percent binge drink. Binge drinking increases the risk of driving under the influence or engaging in inappropriate criminal behaviors. When that occurs, a court may recommend or require treatment in a professional program.

Basics of Court Mandated Treatment

A court mandated treatment refers to any program that is recommended by a court as part of a criminal hearing or case. When a judge requires treatment for parole or similar situations, an individual must attend an appropriate program. In some situations, the court recommends specific treatment programs or requires a specific type of treatment program. In other situations, treatment is the only standard set by the court.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse explains that a court mandated treatment plan is actually effective against addiction because it relates to a legal consequence. An individual does not have a choice about treatment. Recovery rates in the program are similar to or better than voluntary programs.

Treatment Options in the Program

A court mandated treatment program has many similarities to voluntary programs. It still offers similar treatment options, but it is more comprehensive in many situations. The comprehensive programs include:

  • Counseling programs, including family and group therapy
  • Cognitive and behavioral therapies
  • Nutritional programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Life skills training
  • Holistic and alternative therapies
  • Dual diagnosis treatments
  • Medical treatments for physical ailments

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Holistic treatment plans offer a wide variety of options, but it is not always the best approach to recovery for every individual. The best programs create a personalized plan that helps reduce the risk of substance abuse in the future. It also follows a traditional approach to treatment by providing counseling and cognitive therapies. Alternative therapies are appropriate when traditional options have failed in the past or when an individual has more comprehensive concerns associated with substance abuse.

Treatment Programs in Nevada

Nevada offers a wide array of treatment options that can help with the recovery process. Depending on personal preferences and the requirements of a court, the best program for the situation will vary significantly.

ABC Therapy is an outpatient treatment program in Las Vegas that offers solutions for men, women and adolescents. The counseling programs focus on the needs of each individual and the requirements of a court. It is a court ordered program and it offers counseling services for Christians.

Ely Health Station provides treatment for all age groups and different individuals, including seniors and pregnant women. The program provides outpatient counseling services and treatments that focus on the goals of specific individuals. It also provides an environment that is non-judgmental and ensures that individuals obtain treatment that is appropriate for their goals.

The Seven Hills Behavioral Institute is a treatment program that works with the court system to help with addiction recovery. It offers holistic and alternative therapies along with the traditional treatment options that are available. It specifically works with individuals who have a DUI charge after drinking and driving. The program offers American sign language for individuals who are hearing impaired.

Choices Group Inc is an inpatient treatment program in Las Vegas that offers options for most age groups. It provides dual diagnosis therapy and out-patient treatments are available.

Treating Addiction in Las Vegas

Substance abuse impacts personal behavior. When a court orders an individual to seek treatment, it means that he or she is engaging in criminal behavior after drinking or using drugs. Find a program that will help address personal concerns in Las Vegas with the help of RehabCenter.net.

Cities in Nevada With Court Ordered Programs

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