Nebraska Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Identifying a treatment program that is appropriate for personal goals and addresses individual needs can require some time and effort. For individuals who have committed a drug-related crime and need to enter into a rehab program, the state of Nebraska offers a variety of court-ordered rehab facilities.

In Nebraska, roughly 53 percent of the resident drink alcohol and 24 percent binge drink, explains the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Unfortunately, binge drinking increases the risk of criminal activity and facing a court-ordered treatment program. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration reports that 38 percent of first time arrests relate to alcohol abuse and another 18 percent relate to illicit drug abuse. Among those who are arrested more than once, almost 52 percent were drinking at the time of the crime and 36 percent were abusing illicit substances. Crime rates directly relate to substance abuse, but treatment options provide a chance to start fresh and regain a healthy lifestyle.

Court-Ordered Treatments

As the name implies, court mandated treatment refers to any program that accepts individuals who have committed a crime while under the influence of alcohol or a drug. The court requires the individual to seek treatment and may even make suggestions about the appropriate type of program. In most cases, the program is an outpatient plan that starts after an individual is paroled and available to enter the program. In severe cases, a court may order residential treatment programs due to the comprehensive support system.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that mandated treatment is actually an effective option to encourage recovery goals. Individuals are able to focus on their goals and start working toward a healthy future. The recovery rates are similar to or better than the rates in a voluntary program.

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Options for Court-Ordered Treatment

Treatment options in a court-ordered program are similar to the options in voluntary programs. The facility offers traditional treatments and may provide alternative or holistic options. Each program is different, so the specific details will vary slightly.

The most common treatment options in a court ordered program include:

  • Holistic treatment options or alternative therapy
  • Counseling programs and group therapy
  • Behavioral therapy or cognitive treatments
  • Nutrition plans
  • Programs for exercise
  • Treatments for co-occurring disorders
  • Physical health evaluations and appropriate treatments

The specific tools and activities that are available will vary significantly. Generally, a program will focus on cognitive therapies and counseling as the foundation of the program. Additional treatment options will depend on the causes of addiction, the individual and personal interests.

Cities In Nebraska With Court-Ordered Rehabs

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