Illinois Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Individuals who commit crimes while under the influence of drugs or alcohol in Illinois are often given the opportunity to attend court-ordered treatment in lieu of other punishments. These programs allow individuals a chance to recover from addiction while also helping reduce the amount of crime in the state.

The root cause of any drug or alcohol addiction is complex, and it cannot be narrowed down to any one factor in an individual person. In some cases, addiction is a result of drug abuse and excessive consumption, combined with biological factors. In other cases, mental illness and the drive to self-medicate leads a person to become addicted.

Regardless of the reason why a person is dependent on drugs and alcohol, the only way to successfully achieve sobriety is to work with a substance abuse treatment recovery center. While many will choose to enter a facility on their own accord or by the urging of friends and family members, others must enter these treatment centers as the result of a court order.

During the year 2007, about 241,000 people in Illinois needed treatment for drug dependence and did not receive it. An additional 826,000 people required treatment for alcohol addiction and did not receive it. These statistics are startling, and it’s important that people who require treatment for their addiction get the services that they need.

It should be noted that alcohol and drug use increase the risk of participation in criminal activity. In fact, from 2002 to 2008, 18 percent of men over the age of 18 in the United States who were arrested once were dependent on illicit drugs, and 38 percent were dependent on alcohol.

Court-Ordered Treatment

Court-ordered addiction recovery treatment is an option for people who have committed non-violent crimes as a result of their drug use or alcohol dependence. In many cases, court-ordered treatment is an alternative to jail time, and is seen as a positive solution to the problem by the person who committed the crime.

Treatment may be mandated by the court if the judge includes it as part of the sentencing process, or if the person’s lawyers work with the prosecutors in order to achieve a deal that requires the person to receive the treatment they need. In other situations, a person appears before a specialized drug court versus a conventional court in order to access this option.

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The Benefits of Court-Ordered Recovery Programs

Court-ordered recovery programs provide patients with an opportunity not only to withdraw from drugs and alcohol and ultimately achieve sobriety, but to truly take a look at their lives and learn how to make better decisions. Given the fact that traditional addiction recovery services can be expensive, not everyone has access to these services.

Court-ordered programs provide those who are struggling with addiction a way to receive the services that they need without incurring the expense of private treatment. Also, since court-ordered treatment is considered an alternative to traditional punishment for the committed crime, many patients are motivated and happy to be a part of the program. These programs have proven to be quite successful.

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