45 Georgia Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Court ordered treatment can be offered by the court to individuals who have committed a crime in place of serving jail time. Georgia offers several treatment programs that satisfy the requirements set by the court to ensure that individuals get the treatment that they need.

In Georgia in 2006 647,000 adults over age 12 reported having alcohol or illicit drug dependence or abuse. That is a staggering number of more than half a million residents. One method of providing care for individuals in this situation is through court-ordered treatment programs. A court-ordered program ranges from an assessment of alcohol and drug dependency to inpatient treatment programs lasting for months at a time.

The point of court-ordered treatment is that individuals are required by a judge through the legal system to undergo treatment. This form of treatment is prescribed through the ruling of a judge. In order to satisfy the requirements of a court-ordered treatment an individual must successfully complete a treatment program for drug and alcohol dependency as determined by the courts.

Choosing a Court-Ordered Treatment Plan

The main premise behind a court-ordered treatment and recovery program for drugs and alcohol dependency and abuse is that the individual in the program will be forced to complete the treatment. This is typically used for DUI/DWI or drug and alcohol related offenses.

Alternatively, individuals who are nonviolent offenders who are in the courts for their first offense may be prescribed court-ordered treatment. While you are mandated to attend treatment in Georgia, you can often times choose the provider of court-ordered treatment. However, you must choose a provider that offers a treatment program that meets the requirements and standards of the courts that placed you in court-ordered treatment.

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Grady Health System Drug Dependency Unit

At the Grady Health System Drug Dependency Unit in Atlanta individuals can receive a wide variety of court-ordered treatment programs. If you are dealing with co-occurring substance abuse and mental disorders you can prescribe to the dual diagnosis treatment program. There are separate addiction treatment services for men and women, as well as ASL or the hearing impaired. Also, religious based treatment for Christians is offered at the Grady Health System Drug Dependency Unit for individuals searching for a spiritual component to care for dependency and abuse of alcohol and drugs.

Avita Community Partners Ambulatory Detox

Located in Northeast Georgia in Gainesville, Avita Community Partners Ambulatory Detox offers court-ordered drug and alcohol detoxification. Once you have successfully completed ambulatory detox you are moved into rehabilitation, followed by psychoeducational classes and counseling. If you are in court-ordered treatment due to a DUI/DWI, you will find an approved treatment program here at Avita Community Partners. As a medical provider in the Georgia healthcare system, Avita also offers professional services for recovery after you have completed treatment for drug and alcohol dependency and abuse.

Recovery Place, Inc. Intensive Outpatient Program

At Recovery Place, Inc. in Savannah patients who are prescribed to court-ordered treatment can go through an intensive outpatient program. As a CARF approved facility Recovery Place, Inc. is accredited to provide court-approved detox and treatment services. You can begin with the detoxification program and advance into the intensive outpatient program that may involve partial hospitalization or part-day inpatient treatment.

Additionally, Recovery Place, Inc. offers a residential program that provides 24-hour monitoring and treatment services for individuals in need of long-term, complete immersion into treatment for drug and alcohol dependency.

Finding Court-Ordered Treatment in Georgia Today

If you are searching for court-ordered treatment in Georgia for yourself or a loved one you aren’t alone. Thousands of Georgia residents are seeking court-approved drug and alcohol detox, treatment and recovery programs. As a result RehabCenter.net has created a comprehensive listing of treatment programs that are court-approved for Georgia residents. Contact RehabCenter.net to find the latest information on detox from drug and alcohol, as well as the most up-to-date listings of service providers in your area. Get on the fast track to court-ordered treatment with Rehab Center by your side.

Cities With Court-Ordered Treatment in Georgia

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