13 Delaware Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Many people struggling with substance abuse also find themselves facing legal difficulties. Patients and their loved ones know that the root of many of these legal problems stems from the illegal substances and that finding the right treatment can make it possible for the patients to take control of their lives again. Court-ordered treatment in Delaware may be the arrangement that provides the desired solution.

The majority of arrests in 2009 were related to drugs. Within that category along, more than 80 percent were drug possession charges. A separate survey completed in Delaware found that 61,000 people admitted to using illicit drugs in the previous month while another 165,000 admitted to binge alcohol drinking. These numbers indicate the importance of local court-ordered rehab facilities.

What Is Court-Ordered Rehab?

Court-ordered rehab is used as a part of sentencing or as a condition for release for defendants who meet certain criteria. Although every person will have to discuss their case with a lawyer to see if court-ordered rehab will work for them, generally those who have committed nonviolent crimes who do not have prior arrests will have the best chance. Some defendants will receive rehab in replacement for prison time, while others will have a shortened period in prison along with a period in rehab. Some judges may also mandate rehab as a condition for probation, parole, or pretrial release.

Court-ordered rehab can also describe a number of different types of rehab. Often defendants can choose a facility from a list of approved treatment centers, so they can find one that best fits their needs and budget. There are regularly options for both inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as traditional and alternative methods.

The Success Of Court-Ordered Rehab

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, patients who undergo court-ordered treatment have similar recovery outcomes to those who enter treatment on their own initiative. Many patients cite legal pressure as a motivation for maintaining sobriety and those who face legal consequences for not completing rehab also tend to have higher attendance rates and may stay with their programs longer. These factors can help positively impact the success rates of long term recovery.

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Court-Ordered Rehab In Delaware

Patients and their loved ones looking for court-ordered rehab options in Delaware will find a number of different facilities across the state. Here are a few to begin investigating.

Open Door Inc. in Newark

Open Door Inc serves patients from a variety of different ages. They have specialized treatment options for both adolescents and for seniors and older adults. They also offer dual diagnosis treatment for those coping with mental disorders as well as the substance abuse disorder. This facility offers outpatient counseling and focuses on providing holistic rehabilitation. This center has court-ordered alcohol treatment for DUI/DWI offenders.

Fellowship Health Resources in Georgetown

Fellowship Health Resources treatment centers offers both outpatient counseling and inpatient partial hospitalization options. Patients can receive dual diagnosis treatment for those suffering from mental and substance abuse disorders. Those who are HIV+ or have AIDS can also receive the appropriate care. The rehab focuses on providing holistic rehabilitation.

AMS of Delaware LLC in Rehoboth Beach

AMS of Delaware offers treatment for people coming from various backgrounds. They offer outpatient counseling and dual diagnosis treatment. They also offer specialized services for pregnant and postpartum women along with addiction treatment for gays and lesbians. AMS of Delaware also has Christian-based programs as well.

Brandywine Counseling and Community Center in Wilmington

The Brandywine Counseling Community Center works to provide holistic treatment through outpatient counseling and inpatient partial hospitalization/day treatment. They can help patients with a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse disorder. They also have addiction treatment for those with HIV/AIDS, seniors and older adults, pregnant and postpartum women, and Christians. Those with hearing impairment will also find the necessary accommodations readily available.

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It can be a challenge to find the right rehab program for a patient, particularly when dealing with the stress of legal challenges. Those interested in learning more about their options should contact RehabCenter.net. We’re here to help!

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