37 Arkansas Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Often times, individuals who are caught committing a drug-related crime are given the chance to attend court-ordered treatment in place of a more serious punishment. By treating the root of the problem, courts hope to lessen the amount of drug-related crime in the area.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, nearly 10,000 people over the age of 12 were abusing alcohol or drugs in the state of Arkansas during 2007. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are eventually arrested because of their substance abuse, either directly or indirectly.

In fact, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that more than half of males with two or more arrests have abused alcohol in the past year. Likewise, more than one-third of individuals in this category had abused illicit drugs in the past year. When someone who abuses drugs or alcohol commits a related crime, consequences often include court-ordered treatment.

What Is Court-Ordered Treatment?

If you commit a drug- or alcohol-related crime, court-ordered treatment may be a part of your sentence. In some cases, court-ordered substance abuse treatment may be offered as an alternative to a more serious sentence, such as time in prison. You may also be required to enter treatment if a friend, family member or other third-party initiates mandated treatment through the court.

Court-ordered treatment programs operate in the same way as voluntary treatment. They often include individual counseling, group therapy, detoxification and other treatment modalities designed to help you understand and overcome your addiction. However, when you are in court-ordered treatment, you won’t be allowed to leave or discontinue the program even if you want to.

Court-ordered treatment may be inpatient, which means that you will be required to remain at the treatment facility until the program is complete, or it may be outpatient. Outpatient treatment programs require you to come to the facility for scheduled treatment activities, but you will be allowed to return home when you aren’t participating in treatment.

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Court-Ordered Treatment Centers In Arkansas

Arkansas is home to a number of different court-ordered treatment centers. Below are some court-ordered treatment options available across this state.

Quality Living Center Inc.

Quality Living Center Inc. is an alcohol and substance abuse treatment facility located in Little Rock. This accommodates both men and women who have been sentenced to court-ordered addiction treatment. Residential, day treatment, and outpatient counseling programs are all available. Residential treatment programs range in length from 30 days to 120 days.

Sobriety Living Center

Located in Pine Bluff, the Sobriety Living Center offers court-ordered addiction treatment for both men and women. This facility focuses on inpatient treatment, with programs ranging in length from 60 to 120 days. Sobriety Living Center accepts both male and female patients. Aftercare addiction treatment is also available from this facility.

Union County Drug Court DBA South Arkansas Substance Abuse

Union County Drug Court DBA South Arkansas Substance Abuse is located in El Dorado, Arkansas. This facility provides court-ordered alcohol treatment for people who have been convicted of DUI or DWI offenses. Both outpatient and inpatient treatment programs are available. This facility also provides aftercare addiction treatment for program graduates, such as sober living facilities and halfway houses.

Nelson Counseling

Nelson Counseling offers court-ordered alcohol treatment for DUI and DWI Offenders. This facility, which is located in Rogers, accommodates patients of all ages, including adolescents. However, Nelson Counseling provides only outpatient treatment.

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