Arizona Court Ordered Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

If substance abuse has compelled you to break the law in Arizona, you may have found yourself the recipient of a court order requiring you to seek rehabilitation. While this might seem like a punishment, being forced to enter treatment for might be the only way to guarantee that you get the help you need to turn your life around once and for all.

Arizona’s Drug and Alcohol Issues

The state of Arizona certainly has its share of substance abuse challenges contending with — not only from alcohol and illegal drugs, but from legal drugs as well. At one point, in fact, Arizona ranked third among the 50 states for prescription drug abuse, and even though those numbers have dropped in recent years, it still ranks among the top states for this vexing problem. Legal substances can cause illegal actions, from theft to fund an upward-spiraling addiction to driving under the influence. As for illicit drugs, an estimated 2,180 Arizona residents suffer from dependence or abuse — 2,530 of whom haven’t received treatment. Alcohol dependence or abuse clocks in at 8,140 Arizona residents, with 7,720 of them going untreated.

The Benefits of Court-Ordered Treatment

Drugs and alcohol are often a factor when people who would never be considered “career criminals” find themselves in a court of law. Addiction calls for greater and greater amounts of the same substance to prevent painful and/or dangerous withdrawal, forcing good people to do bad things to get the money they need to pay for their habit. Some substances, notably alcohol, impair judgement, allowing one’s moral compass to go off kilter. Alcohol and other depressants can also cause people fall asleep at the wheel, resulting in property destruction, injuries, or even homicides.

Court-ordered rehabilitation may be ordered by a judge has feels that your crime was directly or even primarily related to your substance abuse issue. A sentence that includes court-ordered rehab can be taken as a vote of confidence in your essential character — confidence that your criminal behavior won’t recur once the chemical obsession has been eliminated. Since many substance abusers are also in a state of denial over their condition, ordering them into mandatory rehab provides lifesaving help that they might never seek out on their own.

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