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Utah is among one of the least densely populated states in the country, with almost 80 percent of the state’s population centered in the capital of Salt Lake City. Vast areas of the state are mostly underpopulated, which is wonderful for wildlife and sight-seers. The state is a major destination for those looking for outdoor tourism and the geographic terrain in Utah is spectacular. A Gallup poll in 2012 ranked it the best state to live in because of a host of forward-looking indicators.

Apart from tourism, the state provides employment in the education, research, information technology, and transportation industries. Some Utah residents, however, have become addicted to alcohol and need treatment—but not too many because Mormonism dictates how much of this state functions. Mormons do not believe in drinking alcohol based on their belief system. Therefore, this type of addiction is pretty rare in this state. Even though alcohol abuse is low considering the rest of the US, Utah still provides effective Christian rehab facilities.

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Christ Based Therapies That Treat Addiction With God

Renaissance Recovery in Saint George offers a Christian based rehab program. The program uses the 12-step therapy and includes a faith based component to ensure that addicts can aim for long term recovery. The facility offers both intensive and general outpatient treatment that can last between 3 and 12 months.

Renaissance Recovery aims to provide patients with compassionate, private, and professional treatment that includes a spiritual dimension. This is meant to help provide the patients with additional strength to fight their addiction. The entire family is encouraged to take part in the treatment process as the facility believes that alcohol addiction is a family disease.

Talbot Recovery Solution located in Saint George has 25 years of experience in treating alcohol and drug addicts. It offers a Christian based therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis. The program is affordable and the residential facilities are located in what is known as the Color Country. The serene location, the professionally trained staff, and personalized care are used to ensure that individuals struggling with addiction have all the support they need. Therapy also includes bible study, family nights and group counseling.

Cirque Lodge in Sundance believes that addiction affects the entire family and the treatment should also include the entire family. Located in serene surroundings, the facility uses the 12-step approach, spiritual guidance, personalized treatment plans, experienced and educated staff, cognitive therapies, continuing care, and a family-oriented approach to help alcohol dependents move away from their addiction. The comprehensive and compassionate treatment plan ensures that addicts can build their strength to become free of their dependence over the long term.

Addiction is a disease that affects many residents of Utah. However, the state also offers many treatment options including those that are based on Christian principles. To get free information on the Christian rehab facilities available in Utah, contact us today for immediate help.

To get free information on the rehab centers available in Utah, contact us today for immediate help.

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