Puerto Rico Christian Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Puerto Rico Christian Rehab Centers 78A Caribbean gem, Puerto Rico is known for its multiple rich ports along the famed shipping route, Mona Passage. But this canal also makes Puerto Rico a prime hub for drug cartels from South America and the Caribbean. While marijuana, heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and opiates are common fare, the latest fad is Xylazine, a commonly abused horse tranquilizer. Xylazine abuse is so rampant it recently caused the “Isle of Enchantment” to adopt a new nickname, “Zombie Island,” because of the zombie-like behavior the heavy drug produces.

The ever-increasing drug and alcohol problem has become a severe socio-economic and health emergency. One of the most severe health challenges involves co-occurring heroin addiction and HIV/AIDS. More than 50% of all HIV cases are linked to the estimated 60,000 intravenous drug users. In addition, users spend a combined $3 million per day on illicit drugs.

Fortunately, there is hope of slowing turning this tragedy around. By being aware of your substance abuse problem and admitting you need treatment, you can help yourself and your community.

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Top Puerto Rico Christian Rehab Centers Are the Answer to a Sober Life

Addiction can quickly enslave your life, but rehab is the key to unlocking your shackles. Many find that Christian-based treatment helps greatly due to the belief that while you are powerless over addiction, sobriety is possible through building a strong connection with Jesus Christ. Shown to have higher success rates than many rehab programs, Christian addiction centers often offer unparalleled compassion and holistic care.

Silo Mision Cristiana, Inc. is located in Vega Baja. This program offers residential long-term treatment that generally lasts 30 days or more, and specifically focuses on helping seniors and men. Payment assistance is offered for those in need, ensuring that anyone who wants to get sober has a chance at a better life. Additional facets of their treatment approach include meditation, prayer, Bible study, group discussion, and therapeutic humanitarian work.

Hogar Jesus, Inc. is a Christian-based facility in Anasco, and focuses primarily on improving the health and socio-economic crises in Puerto Rico caused by drug abuse. This center focuses on dual diagnoses, and persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDs. Professionals also cater to gays, lesbians, seniors, and criminal justice clients. You’ll find a safe, non-judgmental haven at Hogar Jesus away from the constant exposure to drugs on the outside; preparing you for a life of sobriety once you complete treatment.

Arecibo, two in Bayamon, and one in Caguas. Although the focus is on teens and young adults with alcohol and drug abuse problems, the organization is also designed to help adults live sober, happy lives. Interdisciplinary in nature, the program balances Bible classes, homework, and recreation along with a multi-faceted treatment approach including group counseling, meditation, and holistic therapies. Teen Challenge strives to help individuals and families overcome the problems caused by addiction based on Christian solutions, interweaving these faith-based values into everyday life to gain full control of the disease.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, know that help is available to you across the island. Contact us today for free assistance finding the right Christian treatment program for you.

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