Montana Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Christians in Montana that struggle with an addiction to drugs or alcohol may benefit from attending a rehab center that is designed to fit their unique recovery needs. Christian rehab centers help individuals overcome addiction while building upon their foundation of faith.

Drug and Alcohol Related Challenges Facing Montana Christians

Montana Christians may not always feel that they’re living in the most sympathetic corner of the nation; the state ranks 40th among the “most Christian” in the U.S., with 37,834 self-identified adherents out of each 100,000 residents. Montana also has a collective drinking and drug abuse problem on its hands. The state significantly exceeds the national average in the amount of alcohol consumed per capita in the 21-and-older age group.

Even more alarmingly, it also has one the highest rates of underage binge drinking in the nation. 226,000 of the 448 thousand Montana residents aged 12 and over who consume alcohol in a given month also exhibit binge drinking behaviors. Of these, 86,000 underwent treatment for alcohol dependence or abuse. Sadly, a further 79,000 who needed treatment didn’t receive it. Montana’s drug abuse issues are also known due to the increase of prescription drug use.

Pharmaceutical drugs like painkillers and also crystal meth have seeped into Montana and caused headaches for lawmakers and health professionals. Locating a rehab center in Montana that is Christian based can help an addicted individual get on the right path to recovery.

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Alcohol and Drug Dependence from a Christian Perspective

As harrowing as a dependence on drugs or alcohol can be for any Montana residents, Christians may have special additional considerations. Addiction can wreak havoc on these individuals’ personal relationship with God, causing them to pursue behaviors that go against the Bible’s teachings as their situation grows increasingly desperate. They may feel that their bond to drugs or alcohol has driven them away not only from their faith but from their loved ones as well. The emphasis Christianity places on accountability to others, to the community, and to God can cause devastating feelings of shame and failure for those who feel they have lost their way on the path to righteousness.

Christian addiction treatment recovery programs offer a degree of special support and empathy that secular programs can’t necessarily provide. These facilities recognize the importance of nurturing and restoring your soul as well as your body from the ravages of drug dependence or alcohol abuse. You will most likely participate in Bible study sessions or other forms of value religious education. Prayers sessions are also common, integral parts of a Christ-centered recovery program. You’ll probably find yourself surrounded by other believers going through challenges much like yours, giving you another source of spiritual reinforcement. Even those participants who do not self-identify as Christian may be moved to convert by the power of their healing experience and the insights they gain in the course of the program.

Christian-based Addiction Treatment Recovery Programs

Montana Christians will find that they have access to faith-based addiction rehab programs in 27 different cities. Billings leads the way with 9 such facilities — such as New Choices, which offers inpatient Christian rehab centers on a residential or live-in basis. Among Missoula’s 7 contenders, Missoula Indian Center Inc provides special considerations for the Native American population, including a Native American version of AA’s 12 Steps to Recovery. Great Falls Christians will want to check out the programs at Rocky Mountain Treatment Center, which offers residential and live-in rehabilitation in addition to extended-stay care ranging from 3 to 6 months. Flathead Valley Chemical Dependency Clinic (Thompson Falls Office Sanders County) in Butte provides specialized care for DWI and DUI cases among its Christ-centered alcohol treatment options.

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