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With its extensive farmland and robust production of grain and other crops exported to locations around the world, the state of Kansas is the epitome of the American Midwest. It produces an abundant supply of wheat, sorghum, and sunflower, which feeds many people. The wide open countryside and an agrarian lifestyle have contributed to the state not having one major city―and most of the people in this state do not mind at all. In spite of its many benefits, some residents of Kansas have turned to alcohol to deal with their stress levels.

This poor use of time and money causes immense harm to the individual, their families, and the community. The most effective way of dealing with an alcohol and drug dependency is to seek treatment in a Christian recovery facility in Kansas. This ensures that the patient benefits from the twin systems of medical and spiritual rehabilitation. The patient will be able to regain their emotional strength to fight the lure of alcohol and drugs in the long term.

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Top Rated Christian Rehab Centers In Kansas

Heart of America TC of Greater Kansas in Baldwin City offers alcohol rehabilitation for men over the age of 16. The facility is affordable or even free for those who cannot afford it. The program is based on Christian principles and is run by certified professionals. The long term residential program includes education, life skills training, and vocational training. The program is committed to helping alcohol addicts overcome their dependency.

Higher Ground in Wichita helps adults and adolescents recover from their alcohol addiction. The program uses a blend of techniques including the 12-step approach to ensure that patients recover over the long term. The motivational interviewing, cognitive therapy, family counseling, and so on are prescribed after an individual interview that ensures that the right treatment is offered to each patient. The treatment is highly confidential and uses the relationship and support of the family to help build the self-esteem of the patient.

Valley Hope Drug Rehab Centers in Overland offers intensive outpatient therapy for three days a week for six weeks. The therapy includes the faith based, 12-step program as well as family counseling. Individual counseling is also used to help the participants overcome their addiction. In addition, the program offers continuing care for a year to ensure that alcoholics and drug addicts do not have a relapse soon after their recovery.

Alcohol and drug addiction are diseases that can severely impair the individual and affect their family and community as well. Using a faith based approach to help the individual overcome their substance dependency is a long term solution. Contact us today to get free information on the best addiction treatment programs in Kansas.

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