Hawaii Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Hawaii offers a variety of treatment options for residents seeking to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Among the treatments available, individuals can choose to attend a Christian rehab that is focused on helping men and women overcoming addiction while building upon their foundation of faith.

Hawaii Combats Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Paradise

Hawaii is best known for sandy beaches and resorts. It’s a paradise for vacationers and most people don’t think beyond the parameters of their time off to relax and catch some sun. But 18% of Hawaii’s adult population and nearly 15% of their youth admit to binge drinking. And for the adults, those numbers are on the rise. Statistics for alcohol abuse in Hawaii are above average and in 2011, Hawaii ranked number one in the US for alcohol-related automobile fatalities.

Hawaii also suffers from the highest rate of methamphetamine addiction. Some parts of Hawaii beaches are littered with tents where Hawaii residents live and use crystal meth, also known as ice. The ice epidemic in Hawaii has destroyed much of the culture.

What these numbers tell us is that alcohol use on a regular or binge basis will mean a higher number of automobile fatalities. Those statistics don’t even take into account the other personal and community-wide problems that alcohol abuse contributes to and there are no studies conducted to see what the impact is long term on the survivors of alcohol-related fatalities.

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Hawaii’s Christian Treatment Centers for Alcohol and Drug Addiction

There are many different types of treatment available in Hawaii to those who need help. Some programs work better for certain individuals than others. Take into account your lifestyle and personality when choosing the plan that’s right for you. For those of faith, Christian based treatment works exceptionally well because it deals with the spiritual wounds as well as the physical side of addiction.

U-Turn for Christ is a treatment center for men located in Kaua’i. They offer two phases of treatment. The first phase is a 60-day treatment program where participants learn to overcome their addiction and re-establish their relationship with their creator. The program is non-denominational. The second phase is 6 months and allows the participant to return to society, living in one of two homes for men. In this way, the participant is surrounded by a normal day to day life in a sober environment.

The Teen Challenge Hawaii Men’s Center is located in Keaau. The center is faith-based, certified and offers long term residential treatment for men only. There is a sliding scale and fees can be waived based on need.

The Salvation Army Addiction Treatment Centers in Honolulu caters to anyone in need, regardless of age or sex. They offer detoxification services, from 4-7 days, for anyone who needs it. They also offer long term residential and outpatient treatment depending on the need of the patient. The outpatient treatment services are available on a day or night schedule for those who wish to continue their daily lives while seeking treatment or who want a follow up to residential care. The Salvation Army is a non-profit organization so all of the fees are covered through donation.

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