South Dakota Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

South Dakota Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

The Affordable Care Act gives all people living in the U.S., including South Dakota residents, affordable health insurance. And finding the right insurance plan ensures you have help should you or someone you love need to go through drug or alcohol detox and treatment to be healthy once again. Obamacare insurance can make or break your recovery plans, so choose wisely from the programs offered in South Dakota.

Avera Health Plans

Avera serves the health needs of the communities of South Dakota with facilities such as the Avera McKennan Hospital and Avera Queen of Peach. They offer a wide range of affordable PPO health insurance options. They have three Bronze plans, seven Silver, and three Gold.

The Bronze plans offer high deductible options for people looking for a low monthly premium. Of the three Bronze policies open to residents of South Dakota, only one pays the full cost of substance abuse treatment, the Avera MyPlan $6,500. This plan pays for both inpatient and outpatient care as long as you stay in-network, have met the deductible, and received pre-authorization.

The two Avera My Plan $5000/30% Coinsurance programs have a lower deductible, but you must contribute with a 30% coinsurance payment for both in and outpatient care. In other words, you pay 30% and Avera pays the remaining 70% after the deductible.

Silvery plans for Avera come with lower deductibles, but higher monthly premiums. The Silver Avera MyPlan $3500 cover treatment after you meet the yearly deductible and allow you to go out-of-network for 40% coinsurance payment. With the Avera MyPlan $2500/$6350 Out-of-Pocket, you pay 30% after the deductible. Outpatient care requires a $25 copay even if you have met the deductible. With the Avera MyPlan $3000/30% Coinsurance, the copay is $30.

The Gold plans from Avera all require you to make a 20% coinsurance payment for inpatient care and a copayment for office visits from $20 to $25.

Sanford Health Plans

If you prefer the HMO business model, check out the plans offered by the non-profit Sanford Healths. There are five in South Dakota, including two Bronze, two Silver, and one Gold. The Bronze Simplicity $5,000 plan offers a 40% coinsurance after the deductible for in and outpatient care. Simplicity $3,500, which is the more expensive of two Silver Plans, has a coinsurance payment of 30%.

Simplicity $1,500, which is the one Gold plan, requires you to contribute just 20% towards your care. Some of the plans like this one include a copay between $25 to $35 for outpatient treatment. All the plans allow you to go out-of-network and pay a coinsurance fee from 40%-50%. You must also get certification from the Health Plan.

Contact us to get the help you need.When choosing insurance, look closely at the deductibles, the out-of-pocket maximums, and the premium costs. Once you find a plan within your budget, investigate their coverage for drug treatment and utilize their coverage to regain a healthy lifestyle. And contact us at to find a recovery center near you.

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