North Dakota Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

North Dakota Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

If you are a resident of North Dakota and suffer from a debilitating addiction, you need to pay close attention to the Affordable Health insurance options in your area. Remember, substance abuse is listed as an essential health service, so all plans will offer some coverage. When investigating the ones available to you, you will want to consider how much they pay for drug rehab before making your final choice.

Sanford Health Plan

Sanford Health Plan offers the most Affordable Healthcare plans to North Dakota residents. The exact number varies, but they have around nine plans in most areas including four Bronze, four Silver, and one Gold. These are all HMO policies, so you work through a primary care physician and must stay in-network for the best coverage.

The Bronze level plans from Sanford have high deductibles but low monthly payments. They are a reasonable choice if you have a health savings account in which to save non-taxable cash for healthcare. The deductible for all plans will either be $5,000 or $6,000 depending on whether you choose an HDHP or Copay program. With the HDHP plans, you must also play a 40% coinsurance payment for most services after you meet the deductible, including substance abuse treatment.

For Copay plans, you make a per visit copay for some services and coinsurance payment for others. For substance abuse treatment, this only matters when it comes to outpatient care. For Copay plans, you pay a per visit copay and a 40% coinsurance fee for other outpatient services while inpatient care requires a 40% coinsurance payment.

Two of the four Silver plans have are Copay and HDHP. The Sanford TRUE $3,500 Copay Plan carries a $3,500 deductible with a $35 copay per visit charge for outpatient care. You must also pay 40% for other outpatient services. For inpatient treatment, there is a 30% coinsurance plan. The HDHP plan has a $3.500 deductible, as well, but you pay 40% of all service costs for substance abuse treatment.

The other two Silver plans allow you to go out-of-network for care and still receive some benefits. With the Simplicity $3,500 plan, you make a $35 copayment for office visits if you stay in-network, but pay a 40% coinsurance fee if you go outside it. For the Simplicity $2,500, you contribution is a little higher. You pay $45 for a copay and 50% if you go out of network.

The one Gold plan available from Sanford requires a $1,500 yearly deductible. This allows you to make a $55 dollar copay for outpatient service and a 40% coinsurance payment for inpatient care. There is no out-of-network coverage at this level.


Medica is another provider with policies available to the residents of North Dakota. They offer Point of Sale plans, which are similar to HMO plans. This means you pay a higher percentage if you go outside the network.

With the ND Applause Bronze HSA plan, the company pays for all substance abuse services after you meet the in-network deductible of $6,800. If you go outside the network, you pay 50% of the cost. The Copay plan requires you pay $100 per visit after the first five hours for outpatient care while they fully pay for inpatient service. Out-of-network requires you to pay 50% after the first five hours and for inpatient care.

For the Silver plans, the deductible drops down to just $1,300 for the HSA plan. Your contribution is still 40% in-network and 50% outside of it. The Copay deductible is $2,500 and you pay $30 after the first five hours for in-network outpatient care. A 50% coinsurance charge is required for out-of-network outpatient service while inpatient requires a 40/50 percent coinsurance payment.

The Gold plans have low deductibles, but pay more for drug treatment. For example, the ND Applause Gold HSA pays 70% leaving you with just a 30% while the Gold Copay plans require just a $30 copay for office visits after five hours for in-network treatment. Out-of-network care goes up to a 50% coinsurance fee.

Contact us to get the help you need.These are just some of the affordable insurance offerings for ND residents, as other companies like BlueCross/BlueShield also carry policies in North Dakota. Take your time to find one the fits your budget, so you can get the help you need at a price you can afford.

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