New Mexico Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

Residents of the New Mexico have much to look forward to this coming year, including a wide range of affordable health care plans. Choosing a health insurance plan is a critical decision, especially if you or someone you love needs help with a drug or alcohol problem. Substance abuse treatment is one of the essential health services outlined by the Affordable Care Act, but not all policies cover the same things. You need to research each plan to find the one that provides the most comprehensive drug rehab benefits, so you can worry about getting healthy instead of paying a large bill.

Presbyterian Health Plans, Inc

There are a number of companies servicing the state of New Mexico, but the one with the most policies available is Presbyterian Health Plans, Inc. This company offers HMO plans at every metal level. All their plans come with a gym membership so you can get advice on making smart lifestyle choices to help you enjoy sobriety.

The two Bronze plans carry higher deductible rates, so they are a good choice for someone with access to a health savings account. The Bronze 1 plan requires you to meet the $6,850 deductible before the insurance company pays for most services including in-patient substance abuse treatment. Once the deductible is met, the company pays 100% of the bill. For outpatient services, you contribute a $30 copay per visit regardless of the deductible status. They may not cover other services, such as testing or treatments unless you meet the deductible.

The Bronze 2 plan comes with a lower deductible, just $3,250, but you make a 50% contribution for all substance abuse services. The company will not pay for out-of-network care for drug treatments.

With the Silver plans, you have a wide range of yearly deductibles available. They go from $750 to $5,000 and most require you to pay a coinsurance fee for inpatient care after the deductible is met, from 20% to 30%. There are two exceptions: the Silver 1 policy pays the full bill after the deductible and Silver 5 allows you to make a $1,500 copay per admission.

Outpatient treatment at the Silver level requires a copay of between $5 to $15 dollars with the exception of Silver 1 and 2. Silver 1 pays in full after the deductible and Silver 2 requires you to make a 30% coinsurance payment.

Presbyterian also offers four Gold level plans and one Platinum. They provide the lowest deductible, but the highest monthly premiums. With Gold 1, there is no deductible and you pay a $10 copay for outpatient office visits. Inpatient care costs you 30%. The Gold 2 plan includes a $1,000 deductible and there is no charge for outpatient office visits. You contribute 20% towards inpatient services.

The other two Gold plans both come with deductibles and small charges for drug treatment that include copayments and coinsurance fees. The Platinum plan requires a $100 dollar deductible and $5 per office visit with inpatient care costing about 10%.

New Mexico Health Connections

The second most active provider for drug rehabilitation in New Mexico is New Mexico Health Connections. They provide state residents with six plans with the brand names like Healthy Connect and Care Connect. For the Bronze level programs, Healthy Connect requires you to pay a $5,500 deductible while Care Connect has a $3,000 deductible. Both plans allow for three free outpatient visits and a 50% coinsurance payment for the remaining visits and inpatient care.

There are only Care Connect plans available at the Silver and Gold levels. The Silver Care Connect plan offers three free office visits and then you pay a $50 copay with inpatient care costing 40%. Care Connect Plus changes to a $25 copay after the first three office visits and a $2,500 per admission copay for inpatient care.

With Gold Care Connect plans, the deduction drops further down and you pay from $20 to $25 dollar for each office visit after the first three. Inpatient care costs either $1,000 per admission or a 20% coinsurance fee depending on tContact us to get the help you need.he policy.

These are just two of the providers servicing New Mexico. With such a wide range of plans available, you need to look each one to decide what provider and program best suits your personal care needs. For more information regarding the plethora of plans available for you, please contact us at to learn more.

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