New Hampshire Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

The expensive of drug rehab often keeps New Hampshire residents away from this vital healthcare treatment. However, The Affordable Healthcare Act has made drug addiction treatment coverage mandatory and offers residents a wide range of coverage options. Through the health insurance marketplace, you can find a plan in New Hampshire that will cover this type of care and which stays within your personal budget.

Choosing The Care You Need

Fortunately, every plan under the Affordable Care Act includes substance use and mental health treatment because this type of treatment is considered essential. So any plan you choose will cover a portion of your care – the difference is simply how much is covered in comparison to how much you need to pay for premiums and deductibles. With the Affordable Care Act, plans are available in a range of levels: Bronze to Platinum. These levels tell you the balance of what you pay to what the plan pays.

Affordable Care Act Choices In New Hampshire

One of the major health insurance companies that offers coverage through the marketplace is Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, listed under Matthew Thornton Health Plan in New Hampshire. One of their Bronze level plans is the Anthem Bronze Pathway X Enhanced HMO 4400/20% plan. This plan has a per-person in-network deductible of $4,400. On this plan, you pay 20% co-insurance when you go to an outpatient facility or a professional’s office. For inpatient care, you pay a $500 copay and then the 20%. Out-of-network care is not covered on this HMO plan.

At the Silver level, one of your options is the Anthem Silver Pathway X Enhanced HMO 3250/0% Plan. This HMO plan comes with a $3,250 deductible for an individual in the network and does not cover providers outside the network. It covers the entire cost of your care when you visit a behavioral or mental health professional in his/her office or when you go to an outpatient rehab program. You will pay more for inpatient care, which requires a $500 copay for the admission.

If you would prefer a Gold level plan, there is the Anthem Gold Pathway X Enhanced HMO 1000/10% Plan. This is an HMO plan that covers in-network providers and has a low deductible of $1,000 for one person. With this plan, you pay a 10% co-insurance for office visits and outpatient programs. If it would work better for you to enter an inpatient rehab program, you pay a $500 copay for the admission and then a 10% co-insurance for the rest of your care.

Find Coverage In Your State

As you canContact us to get the help you need. see, plans on the Affordable Health Care marketplace pay a large portion of your substance use and mental health treatment. This is great news, as it means you can get the help you need and regain a life of permanent sobriety. Carefully search your choices to find the right plan for you.

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