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For those struggling with a substance abuse problem, the first step towards recovery often is entering rehab. In rehab, patients receive the direct attention they need to better understand why they developed this illness and how they can change the course of their lives to improve their health and become a productive member of society again.

The process towards health can be a long and involved one for many patients, however. The decision of inpatient versus outpatient rehabilitation will need to be made based upon a number of different factors, including the strength of the patient’s at-home support system, the duration and intensity of the substance abuse problem. and whether or not the person has gone through rehab in the past. After rehab has been completed, many patients will need to continue with some form of care. This might be a halfway house, additional outpatient treatment or something similar.

Fortunately for those feeling overwhelmed by the potential cost of all these different parts of treatment, insurance companies should provide at last some coverage for mental health and substance abuse help. Here is what all patients should know about Affordable Healthcare and substance abuse coverage in Montana.

Substance Abuse Coverage and Affordable Healthcare in Montana

There are several different plans available in Montana. These plans are offered through a few different companies: Blue Cross Blue Shield of Montana, Montana Health CO-OP and PacificSource Health Plans. These plans are divided into three categories: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. By giving the plans metallic labels, it is easy for people to understand how expensive that particular plan is in relation to the other plans available in the state as well as the percentage of care that will be covered. Patients who know that they will need care for substance abuse issues should balance their budget and their expected medical expenses when selecting the best plan for their needs.

Inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment will be covered through all of the available plans in Montana. The cost of treatment with these plans, however, will vary considerably. For just about every plan, patients will first have to meet their deductible. The deductible will be highest for the cheaper plans and lower for the most expensive plans. At the Bronze Level, deductibles can range from $3,500 to $6,850. At the Silver Level, they can range from $2,150 to $3,600. Finally, on the Gold Level they can range from $750 to $2,350. Once the deductible has been met, patients will still be responsible for a portion of the medical costs most of the time. This fee can come in the form of a copayment or a coinsurance payment. Patients might be charged from 10 percent to 50 percent of the costs, or they might owe a flat fee that can reach up to a few hundred dollars.

Patients will also need to consider if they need any care outside of the basic rehab. Many patients find the options offered through alternative treatment, such as acupuncture, art therapy or horseback riding, can do them a considerable amount of good in terms of improving their physical and mental health. Most plans do not include these types of extras, but it may be possible with some plans to use an HSA account to fund some of the expenses associated with this extra care. An HSA account is a special savings account that can be used to save tax-free money for particular health expenses. For example, it can help cover deductibles and copayments. Patients interested in alternative treatments can also investigate the types of care that can be covered by these funds.

Contact us to get the help you need.When patients are preparing to enter rehab, becoming informed about insurance coverage and treatment options can be an enormous benefit. Patients will be able to make smarter decisions about their care and they can minimize the financial burden and reduce their stress. Since patients know what their coverage entails, they will be able to better prepare and budget for the expense. Those interested in learning more about their coverage and treatment options can begin their search on or receive a wealth of help by reaching out to us today!

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