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Addiction is a disease that can subtly creep into a person’s life, yet quickly take hold of them. Its signs and symptoms will vary based on the person. Regardless of whether a person is showing mild signs or severe signs of this deadly illness, it’s critical that loved ones intervene in order to help them get the treatment that they need. It has been proven that addiction treatment at a qualified rehab center is the best way to recover from addiction and live a permanently sober life. It should be noted that many health insurance plans, including Affordable Healthcare plans in Michigan, provide some coverage for addiction treatment services.

Addiction Treatment Options in Michigan

Qualified rehab centers across Michigan provide patients with the addiction treatment services they need. Each individual patient will require a personalized treatment plan that allows them to uncover the root cause of their addiction and create a plan moving forward. Patients can choose from inpatient treatment centers as well as outpatient counseling centers. In addition, there are holistic treatment centers that allow patients to utilize a more natural approach to the recovery process. Patients will want to choose a rehab center that is part of their insurance company’s network, as this allows them to maximize their benefits.

Michigan Affordable Healthcare Insurance Plans

Many of the top health insurance providers in Michigan offer plans that qualify under the Affordable Care Act. The plans range in price based on the number of people being covered under the plan and the ages of the dependents. Michigan residents will find that each Affordable Healthcare plan has a different deductible as well as out-of-pocket maximum, so it’s important to explore the different options and select a plan that is best for their own personal and financial situation. Deductibles can range anywhere from $200 for an individual and $400 for a family to $6,850 for an individual and $13,700 for a family. Those who are battling addiction will want to select a plan that provides them with coverage for substance abuse and mental health treatment services.

Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Addiction Treatment Services

Each individual plan offers different types of coverage for substance abuse treatment services and behavioral health care. Patients should evaluate their individual plan in order to determine if it provides the coverage they need.

For example, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan offers a Premium Silver plan that includes coverage for substance abuse treatment services, mental health care and behavioral health care. An individual who purchases this plan will have a $1,400 deductible each year, with maximum out-of-pocket costs of $6,000. If the patient requires outpatient treatment services at an in-network facility, they will have to pay a 20 percent coinsurance fee after their deductible has been met.

Another plan that is available in Michigan under the Affordable Care Act is a MyPriority PPO HSA Silver 1500 plan, which is offered through Priority Health. An individual who purchases this plan would have a $1,500 deductible and maximum out-of-pocket costs of $5,100. An individual who is covered under this plan will have coverage for inpatient treatment at an in-network facility. After their deductible has been met, the patient has a $500 copay per stay at an inpatient treatment center. There is a 30 percent coinsurance fee for any remaining charges after the stay.

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