Kansas Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

Healthcare is, and continues to be, a point of contention for many Americans today. And that’s part of the reason why the government introduced the Affordable Healthcare Act – to give individuals who aren’t offered healthcare insurance by their employers an opportunity to attain it without breaking the bank. Having healthcare coverage is important, both regarding preventative and immediate care, but a good healthcare plan can also come in handy for matters that you might not normally associate it with – such as substance abuse treatment.

Yes, people struggle with drugs and/or alcohol abuse nationally, with the state of Kansas being no exception. And while the two general ways that substance abuse issues are treated is via outpatient or inpatient therapy, these treatment methods are not free of charge. What’s more is that inpatient rehabilitative treatment, also known as residential treatment, is an intense type of care, requiring an individual to actually check into a center for 30, 60, 90 or up to 120 days to receive the around-the-clock care to help them overcome their issues. The right healthcare plan can cover some of – if not all of – the costs associated with addiction treatment.

Affordable Care Act in Kansas

Two healthcare providers offer Affordable Care Act healthcare insurance in Kansas – Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas and Blue Cross Blue Shield Kansas Solutions, Inc. Both offer several Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze level plans. Based on this hierarchy, Platinum-level plans provide more medical coverage, but also are more expensive in terms of premium prices. The premium prices don’t just fluctuate by plan type, either – they also vary based on the individual’s age. For instance, an individual purchasing the insurance who is 21 years old would pay less in premium price than an individual who is over 40 years old. Premium prices, of course, also vary by how many individuals are covered by the particular plan. In the next section, we’ll get into some of the plan specifics as far as substance abuse is concerned.

Affordable Care Act Plans in Kansas

One popular Affordable Care Act plan available to Kansas residents is the Blue Cross Blue Shield BlueCare Elite, a Platinum-level program. Under the terms of this plan, inpatient treatment is covered 50 percent via coinsurance when using an in network provider. If an individual seeks treatment out of network, 50 percent of service is covered after the individual meets their annual deductible. For this plan, the deductible is $0 in network and $1,500 out of network for individuals.

Another plan is the BlueCare Essential Bronze-level plan, which covers inpatient substance abuse treatment fully after the individual meets their annual deductible. This coverage applies to both in network and out of network entities. Under this plan, the annual in network deductible is $6,850 and out of network deductible is $13,700 for an individual.

As you can see from the two plans above, substance abuse is covered in some way – it just depends. In the case of the BlueCare Essential plan, your out of pocket cost for substance abuse inpatient treatment would just be your deductible. However, with the BlueCare Elite program, you’d pay half the cost of treatment – but you don’t have an annual deductible. Stay in touch with your administrator and with BlueCross BlueShield to get a better idea of what type of plan is right for you when it comes to medical treatment and other outliers, like possible substance abuse treatment.

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