Arizona Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

It’s not always obvious that a person is suffering from addiction. This deadly disease can sneak into a person’s life, subtly yet surely, and leave them feeling powerless to stop it. It’s a disease that doesn’t discriminate against anyone — a person of any socioeconomic status, race, gender, or religion can become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. It’s also a disease that is very complex, and can be caused by a wide variety of factors. One person may become addicted because they are genetically predisposed to it, while another person may end up dependent on drugs and alcohol because of environmental factors and repeated abuse. One thing that is constant amongst all people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol is the fact that treatment is necessary in order to fully recover. Many health insurance policies provide coverage for substance abuse treatment services and behavioral health care, including the Affordable Healthcare insurance policies that are available under the Affordable Care Act.

Arizona Affordable Healthcare Insurance Coverage

In most cases, major health insurance providers offer Affordable Healthcare insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act. These policies are designed to provide Arizona residents with affordable health insurance, and people can choose from many different plans in order to determine which option is best for them. The plan premiums and deductibles will vary based on the age of the person, their location, the number of dependents that they have, and several other factors. For example, in Maricopa County, Arizona, 10 health insurance providers offer 119 plans under the Affordable Care Act. Those who are seeking treatment for addiction to drugs or alcohol can find a plan that will provide them with the coverage they need in order to make their recovery journey as affordable as possible.

Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment Services

Humana Health Plan is one provider that offers Affordable Healthcare plans to residents in Arizona. One of their plans that is available is the Humana Basic 6850/Phoenix HMOx. An individual who purchases this plan will pay a $6,850 deductible, and a family would pay a $13,700 deductible. For an individual, the maximum out-of-pocket costs are $6,850 and they are $13,700 for a family. This plan provides coverage for substance abuse treatment services at in-network facilities. At an inpatient treatment center, patients would not incur any charges after their deductible has been met. At an outpatient treatment center, the patient would pay a $25 copay per visit and once the deductible has been met, they would not incur any additional charges for extra outpatient services.

Meritus Health Partners is another health insurance provider that offers Affordable Healthcare insurance policies to the people of Arizona. One of its plans is the Meritus Neighborhood Network Silver HMO MIHS. The deductible for an individual is $5,000, and the deductible for a family is $10,000. The maximum out-of-pocket costs are $6,350 for an individual, and they are $12,700 for a family. Patients who are seeking treatment for addiction will find that they receive coverage under this particular plan. Patients can receive treatment at in-network facilities, including both outpatient and inpatient rehab centers. At an outpatient facility, the patient is not required to pay a copay. At an inpatient treatment center, the patient pays a $1,000 copay per admission once their deductible has been met.

Treatment Options for Addiction

Common treatment options for addiction include outpatient counseling, residential treatment programs, and holistic treatment plans. Outpatient counseling is an ideal option for patients who have not received treatment for addiction in the past. Residential treatment programs are better for patients who are battling a severe addiction, or who have previously sought treatment but were unsuccessful. Holistic treatment plans provide an alternative approach to traditional methods, focusing on healing the entire person.

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