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A Timeline Of Opiate Withdrawal Infographic

A Timeline Of Opiate Withdrawal Infographic

Opiates are also psychologically addictive, and those coming off the drug often feel anxiety, agitation, restlessness, and go through a variety of mood swings. These mental effects combined with the physical ones can make withdrawal a very tedious and unpleasant process. But opiate withdrawal does not have an infinite time stamp: it has an obvious timeline and end point. And while it may be extremely difficult to weather, reaching the finish line can help you live a life free of opiate addiction.

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A Timeline Of Opiate Withdrawal_Infographic

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If you or someone you care about is struggling with opiate withdrawal, please contact us today.Opiate withdrawal is a difficult and even dangerous process for people to do alone. Getting help in a detoxification and rehabilitation center can help ensure you stay safe and healthy during this difficult process. If you need help finding a center, please contact us at We can help you find someone to help you get through the difficult stages of opiate withdrawal.

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