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Detox Drug Rehab Is the First Step Toward a Drug-Free Life

Detox Drug Rehab Is the First Step Toward a Drug-Free Life

Detoxification is usually the first step in the painful transition to a drug-free life. While it does not actually treat addiction, it initiates the long-term treatment process.

Most quality treatment programs use medication in conjunction with counseling and some form of therapy to help the patient cope with withdrawal symptoms, both physical and psychological, during the first stage of detox. On average, the length of a detox program ranges from several days to a few weeks, depending on the unique circumstances and needs of each individual.

Often detox takes place in a facility that specializes in and provides only detox services, or in a special unit in a general rehab facility. In either case, this part of treatment is medically based and provides the early evaluation that aids in determining and shaping the next phase of treatment.

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The First Stage of Detox Drug Rehab

The first stage of detox is the most critical and often the most unpleasant, as it entails the intense discomfort of abstinence and subsequent withdrawal symptoms. This early stage is sometimes likened to getting a cavity filled. The preliminary shot and drilling are, of course, extremely unpleasant. But once it’s done, repair work can begin. So it is with detoxification; though it is an immense challenge, once the hurdle is overcome, recovery begins.

Early on in the detoxification stage, around-the-clock medical supervision and monitoring are usually required. When medications are administered to ease withdrawal, medical supervision becomes extremely important. Coming off a heroin/opiate habit, for example, often results in severe flu-like symptoms that include watery eyes and vomiting. In this case, Suboxone and similar drugs are administered to ease the process of kicking the drug habit.

The Second Stage of Detox Drug Rehab

After the first critical stage dealing with the more acute exigencies, drug detox then moves on to the second stage, which begins to address longer-term addiction issues. For instance, in this second stage one goal is to make sure the addict is completely free of drug residuals. If this isn’t addressed, drug cravings can resurface even years after drug use has stopped.

There really is no such thing as an effective “rapid” detox program. That would be like leaving the dentist’s after the shot and drilling, without ever getting the filling. The cavity is still there, just much bigger and cleaner – but the rot will return. That’s why the second stage of detox is often carried out in conjunction with treatment in a community-based residential setting where coping skills are learned and where there is plenty of support.

Although you may be apprehensive about detox, qualified professionals can help you through it. Contact us today for free information on detoxification and take the first step toward reclaiming your life.

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