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How Can You Help Someone With An Addiction?

How Can You Help Someone_

The thought of talking with a loved one about their addiction can feel overwhelming to say the least. It can be daunting to consider the different reactions they might have, or scary to think they may lash out at you for asking. Fortunately, the fact that you are searching for information on how to help […]

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What is an “Alcoholic Nose” (Rhinophyma)?

What is an Alcoholic Nose Rhinophyma

Commonly characterized by a swollen, red, bumpy appearance on the nose, the cause of rhinophyma (sometimes referred to as “alcoholic nose”) has often been attributed to alcoholism. New research has brought the connection between rhinophyma and alcoholism into question. Rosacea, which is closely related to many of the symptoms of rhinophyma, has been linked to […]

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Risk of Abusing Drugs and Alcohol During Pregnancy

Drug Abuse Risks During Pregnancy

The number one cause of preventable birth defects is alcohol and drug use during pregnancy. Exposure to these substances in the womb, even in moderation, can cause a lifetime of physical, mental, intellectual, and social problems. To better understand the risks of drug and alcohol use during pregnancy, it helps to know how the fetus […]

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Opioid Withdrawal Home Remedies Home Remedies

Opioid drugs form some of the most severe addictions known to man. For this reason, withdrawals from heroin or prescription painkillers can become intense, prompting certain individuals to take matters into their own hands. The success of these methods is based on anecdotal claims at best, and in the worst cases following them could jeopardize […]

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The Dangers of Mixing Benzodiazepines with Alcohol

The Dangers of Mixing Benzodiazepines with Alcohol

Benzodiazepines are some of the most commonly prescribed scheduled drugs in the United States. Due to it’s social acceptance, alcohol is the most commonly abused drug period. When benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan, and Valium are mixed with alcohol, the combination has potential to lead to serious liver damage and even overdose. Understanding Benzodiazepine And […]

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Heroin Withdrawal And Detoxification Heroin Withdrawal and Detoxification

Heroin withdrawal symptoms may only last about a week, but can be severe and extremely uncomfortable. For this reason, heroin withdrawal should be carefully treated with a medically supervised detoxification. Tapering the level of opioids in the body is important to managing withdrawal symptoms. This can be done with the aid of medication, monitoring of […]

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Drugged Driving Statistics Drugged Driving Statistics

“It’s like a video game,” “it makes me a better driver,” “I’ve done it so many times it’s second nature.” Do these statements seem frightening? They should, and while they may also seem unbelievable, far too many individuals have uttered them, or similar ones, before climbing into the driver’s seat of a vehicle while under […]

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Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety

Alcohol Abuse and Anxiety_

Alcohol abuse and anxiety can become a vicious cycle when they occur at the same time. This is partly because drinking excessive alcohol can cause anxiety, yet so many consume alcohol to alleviate their anxiety. So the relationship between the two frequently presents a dilemma. It’s also somewhat common for a person to develop co-occurring […]

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How To Cope With A Loved One In Rehab

How To Cope With A Loved One In Rehab_

There are many steps you can take to cope with a loved one in rehab, and most are very basic: understanding the disease, trusting the person, avoiding the blame game, finding resources and support, focusing on your life, and learning to trust again. Easier said than done, right? Maybe you’re reading this because your loved […]

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Alcoholism and Depression Alcoholism and Depression

You may have heard alcohol be referred to as a depressant before, but what does that really mean? Alcohol is classified as a depressant, which in drug terms means that it lowers stimulation in various parts of the brain. You may have heard of depressants before in terms of ‘uppers and downers.’ Caffeine, for example, […]

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