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The Average Cost Of Illegal Street Drugs

The Average Cost of Illegal Street Drugs

Many people who fall victim to addiction lose their homes, relationships, and jobs. Beyond the major financial impact of these problems lies the investment in purchasing the drugs. The average cost of drugs are rising as the demand and potency grows.


Marijuana is often referred to as the “gateway drug” of addiction and is the most easily accessed drug on the street and can be smoked or ingested. With many strains, the price can vary with the dealer. A few facts about the consumption and cost of marijuana:

  • The average cost of marijuana is $15 per gram.
  • The effects of marijuana can last up to 6 hours.
  • A moderate user will consume up to 1 gram per day.


Heroin is an opioid most commonly taken intravenously. This highly addictive drug gives the user a feeling of euphoria which sends the user into a trance-like state. Heroin is most commonly sold as a powder and is increasingly popular. The cost and consumption of heroin can be broken down with a few statistics:

  • The average cost of heroin is $15-20 for a single dose (0.1g).
  • A heroin user with heavy tolerance may spend upwards of $200 every day to maintain their addiction.
  • The effects of heroin can be felt for 2-6 hours, peaking at 2 hours.

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Meth releases a surge of dopamine to the user when injected, ingested, or snorted. Meth may also come in the form of a pill. A few things to consider when calculating the cost of methamphetamine:

  • On average, the price of crystal meth is $80/gram.
  • An 8 ball, or 3.5 grams, is $200.
  • A single dose of meth is about .25g, or $20.
  • One dose can last the user anywhere between 6 and 24 hours, depending on tolerance.


Cocaine is most commonly snorted by the user, though crystal “crack” can be smoked or injected. This recreational drug is highly addictive. Additionally:

  • The average cost of cocaine ranges from $100-120 per gram.
  • A typical “line” of cocaine is 50 milligrams, yielding 20 uses from a single gram.
  • The effects of cocaine last approximately 30 minutes.
  • For a heavy user, cocaine addiction can cost over $120 per day.


A few notable street drugs, including MDMA, Ketamine, PCP, mushrooms, and LSD are known for having hallucinogenic qualities. These drugs vary in price:

  • MDMA, or “Ecstasy,” is an oral synthetic drug used as both a stimulant and a hallucinogen. A pill comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Some are stamped with tiny logos or shaped to look like various objects. A single Ecstasy pill can contain anywhere from 70-100mg of MDMA, and the average cost of a dose ranges from $15-25. The effects last from 3-6 hours and is commonly taken multiple times daily.
  • Ketamine is a drug with pain-blocking and hallucinogenic qualities. This drug is taken for recreation to amplify experiences in the user. Ketamine is found in the form of powder, pill, and liquid. Ketamine, or “Special K,” costs $25 on average per dose (50-100mg) and effects the user for 4-6 hours.
  • PCP, like Ketamine, is an analgesic with hallucinogenic qualities and can also be found in powder, pill, and liquid form. The average user will consume 1-5mg per dose and pay $20-30 per gram in powder form. The user can experience effects for 6-48 hours.
  • The hallucinogenic quality in mushrooms is caused by the presence of psilocybin, found naturally in the mushroom. Taken orally, an average user will consume an eighth of an ounce at $20 each, lasting 4-6 hours.
  • LSD, or acid, is a hallucinogenic drug produced from lysergic acid found on the fungus of grains. It can be taken orally as a liquid, tablet, gel sheet, or a piece of saturated paper. LSD users refer to the effects of the drug as a “trip” and usually feel the effects for 12-24 hours. Users often consume between 50-150 micrograms in a single dose and the average cost ranges from $5-20 per “hit.”

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  1. I like this it help some kids to stop if they started and for kids who didn’t start see what will happen. So thank you for this website for kids to know what to do and what not to do see use on help kidsseethetruth .

  2. Observed students making lines and putting them in baggies. I destroyed what I saw. I was able to use the information from here to figure out how much loss they had. I figured if 1 gram of cocaine = 20 lines then each line probably sells for $10 each bag = $200 so maybe $100 profit if the gram = $100. Tried to report it to the school but they tried to cover it up. I reported it later to the police. Thank you for your information

  3. Just wanted to say that while this might be the approximate dollar amount that these drugs cost, the total cost of the use of drugs is unbelievable. Not worth losing your family finances job cars the respect of other people and alot of times you lose your freedom. Not worth it !

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