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Spirituality has long been elemental within certain approaches to addiction treatment and recovery, perhaps the most notable of which is the Twelve Steps that are used within Alcoholics Anonymous. In this approach, instead of focusing solely on a person’s own means of overcoming addiction, an individual is encouraged to look beyond—and within—as they cultivate and develop their belief in a higher power as a means to find freedom from addiction.

With over two million copies sold, The Life Recovery Bible takes it even further—this New Living Translation Bible was created as not only an accompaniment to treatment, but as a powerful directive to be used within a person’s pursuit of a sober and spiritually-centered life.

The Importance Of Faith And Spirituality Within Recovery

Faith is a critical axis within many people’s lives. Despite the fact that the percentage has somewhat declined, the vast majority of Americans (roughly 70.6 percent) still identify themselves within the Christian faith, as found by Pew Research’s  “2014 Religious Landscape Study.” For this reason, as addicted individuals seek to reclaim and re-purpose their lives with positive thoughts, behaviors, and influences, those that ascribe to a Biblical-based faith may find greater comfort, affirmation, accountability and direction within their recovery if they choose to integrate their faith.


Of Americans Are Christian

Addiction wreaks havoc on a person’s mental, emotional, and spiritual standing, as it forces an assortment of negative mindsets and emotions deep within a person’s life, altering their perspective and morale in a way that is detrimental to their recovery. Within the throes of addiction, a person may feel lonely, isolated, without hope, and experience a deep sense of self-blame, a lack of purpose, shame, fear, and a host of other debilitating thoughts, many of which may be self-imposed lies that the addiction or the changed thoughts that result from it, subject you to.

In order to truly be free from an addiction, you need to unshackle yourself from these negative influences in addition to the drugs and/or alcohol. Not only this, but you must effectively strive to replace them with more positive and life-altering thoughts and behaviors that will create and protect your sobriety for the long run. For many, faith has the capacity to do these very things. Centering your pursuit of sobriety and building your recovery on Biblical-based principles can aid in uprooting these damaging elements within your life, making way for the truth, hope, peace, and even joy that the Lord’s word may lead you to.
Interestingly enough, some scientific research even supports the benefit of spirituality within drug rehab. One study that examined not only spirituality, but religion and 12-step programs, asserts that “a growing body of empirical research supports the notion that religiousness and spirituality may enhance the likelihood of attaining and maintaining recovery from addictions, and recovering persons often report that religion and/or spirituality are critical factors in the recovery process.” This is one reason why many treatment facilities, including inpatient drug rehabs, base their treatment on faith-based principles and even use the Bible within their treatment protocol.
“a growing body of empirical research supports the notion that religiousness and spirituality may enhance the likelihood of attaining and maintaining recovery from addictions, and recovering persons often report that religion and/or spirituality are critical factors in the recovery process.”

Certain faith-based 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can offer you these things. To greatly enhance these, an exciting addition to faith-based recovery now exists—created by David Stoop, Ph.D., and Stephen Arterburn, M.Ed., The Life Recovery Bible is based on the very 12-step recovery model that informs these programs. Used apart or together from these programs, this Bible is specifically crafted for individuals working through recovery within the Twelve Step process.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

Perhaps the most well-known of treatment or support methods for addiction, this is also one of the oldest. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) originated in 1935, however, it was not known by its current name until 1939, when the book “Alcoholics Anonymous, ” also refers to as “The Big Book,” AA’s most influential text, was published. This book continues to this day to be a guiding force within the organization. AA centers upon The Twelve Traditions and The Twelve Steps, the latter of which outlines the steps that this treatment program follows.

Narcotics Anonymous (NA)

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) follows essentially the same format as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The Twelve Steps are also foundational to NA, and are exactly the same as those of AA, encouraging an individual to conclude that they are powerless over their addiction, and that in order to achieve lasting sobriety and success, they must believe that only a reliance on God or a higher power can get them there, thusly, they must submit their will, lives, and addiction to Him.

A Bible That Creates A Spiritual Framework For Recovery

As you read this text, the verse and scripture both accentuate and connect to recovery at certain points within the Bible. Within any Bible version, there is a myriad of text that may be supportive and engaging to a person within their recovery; however, for some it may be hard to find these passages, or to discern their full import and relevance within recovery without the aid of supplemental text. The Life Recovery Bible meets this need by providing concise, inspirational, and spiritually-guided references all throughout this version of Scripture. This publication supports this pursuit in various ways, as found on the publisher’s website, including:

Recovery Notes

These highlighted portions draw your attention to certain passages within the Bible that are key within recovery that can incite the introspection that is necessary to build the more positive and faith-filled thoughts that are so critical within recovery.

Twelve Step Devotionals

Building even further on this foundational framework of recovery, this Bible even more fully develops the Twelve Steps by linking them to 84 thought-provoking devotionals expertly placed at pertinent intervals within this Bible.

Serenity Prayer Devotionals

Expounding on yet another cornerstone element of spiritual recovery, this Bible takes this well-known and resonant prayer even further, by introducing over 50 devotionals founded on the principles expressed in this simple, yet life-changing affirmation, the Serenity Prayer.

Recovery Profiles

Developing many of the impactful individuals within the Bible in even greater depth, this feature portrays key men and women within the Bible in a way that helps you to glean transformative insight into your recovery.

Recovery Themes

This inclusion of relevant recovery themes introduces various books within the Bible, providing a framework for you to base both your Biblical studies and your recovery on.

Recovery Reflections

The majority of the books of the Bible are followed by these reflections which focus on particular passages within these books, organized and accessible by way of topic.
It is in this way, directed by these carefully chosen and placed insightful passages, that you can grow deeper in both your understanding of the Scriptures and your recovery, in a manner that builds a foundational connection between each. As you grow within your faith, your recovery will grow as well. In order to create an even greater sense of cohesion and connection, this Bible offers even more in-depth resources, including both a topical and devotional index, a guide to help you better navigate the text, various outlines, text offering historical perspectives on the books of the Bible and introductions to each, a “12-Step comparison chart,” and even online support, such as 12-Step Devotionals with Stephen Arterburn and a tool to help you find Bible verses that contain information regarding more commonly sought after topics.

This Bible is a great accompaniment to traditional 12-step, spiritually-based programs like AA and NA, or for anyone that desires a profound tool to enhance their faith-based recovery. Beyond this, The Life Recovery Bible may help to instill a greater sense of faith, purpose, encouragement, and direction in those struggling with other aspects within their life, either separately, or adjacent to addiction.

Faith-Filled Inspiration And Guidance For Depression And Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are far too common within our society. These mental health disorders can be crippling, chasing a person’s sense of self and purpose. Life and hope may pale, falling to the wayside as the negativity and fear these illnesses perpetuate takes over. Left unchecked, these conditions can create great unbalance and damage within a person’s life, not least of which is addiction.

Far too often, these conditions exist alongside of addiction. These dual diagnosis concerns are of great importance when you’re striving towards recovery. In some cases. a person may have struggled with depression, anxiety, or both prior to developing an addiction. It may have been these very things that first drove them to use drugs or alcohol, in an ill-fated attempt to suppress or cope with the many times disabling symptoms of these heavy-handed mental health disorders. This self-medication becomes a slippery slope, as casual use becomes more compulsive, gaining momentum past occasional abuse, to become a full-fledged addiction.

Sometimes, these co-occurring disorders may have actually originated from the drug or alcohol abuse. As these substances impact your body and brain, depression and anxiety are only two of many dangerous and life-altering risks that substance abuse and addiction may impose upon your life. In any case, using drugs and alcohol in a manner of abuse or as in the chronic behavior of addiction, may only serve to further exacerbate these disorders. To effectively find lasting freedom from addiction, a person must address these dual diagnosis concerns within their treatment, while also being mindful to keep them in check throughout the entirety of recovery, as they could become harmful triggers for relapse.

Helping You To Reclaim A Better State Of Mind

The Life Recovery Bible may be your key to greater emotional and mental peace. As you gain more developed spiritual insight and guidance, you may find that you learn valuable tools and insights that help you to moderate some facets of these concerns, including better coping skills. Utilizing the reader and recovery-friendly tools within this Bible, you can easily look up and access Bible passages and verses that may speak to you of the concerns or situations within your life that aggravate them. Helping to undo some of the negative emotions you may have let yourself fall prey to, these readings may help you to find forgiveness, inner peace, and more far-reaching emotional freedom that may aid you to conquering these mental health needs.

In doing this, you will not only be developing a more focused pursuit of your faith, while lending more balance to your mental state, but you will also be addressing the issues that may plague your state of addiction or your current recovery pursuits. This freedom works hand-in-hand with both your spiritual and recovery goals, helping you to learn even more how to give your concerns to God, while more fully embracing the second of the Twelve Steps, which proclaims that members “Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.”

Let Us Aid You In Finding Lasting Hope

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