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Indiana Rehab CentersFrom the steel mills of Gary to the Bluegrass along the Ohio River to the Indianapolis 500 in between, Indiana is one of America’s quintessential heartland states. Much American heartland folklore is centered around Indiana, including the Wabash Cannonball and the Four Horsemen of Notre Dame. Today, the Hoosier State is home to more than 6.5 million people, and its economy is as diverse as ever, including agriculture (especially corn and soybeans), manufacturing (including automobiles, steel, chemicals, and machinery), and pharmaceuticals (Eli Lilly is headquartered in Indianapolis).

Despite its prosperity and diversity, Indiana has a drug and alcohol problem. The US government reports that roughly 9 percent of adult residents reported using illicit drugs in the last year, slightly above the national average of 8 percent. Seizures of methamphetamine labs in Indiana between 2007 and 2009 were far higher than neighboring states, and prescription drug abuse is also high in Indiana. Fortunately, the situation is not as dire as it sounds, and Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Indiana Rehab Centers Specialists Todaymany exceptional rehabilitation facilities serve Indiana residents and help them recover their lives. Several of the top rated treatment centers are located in Indianapolis, Evansville and Bloomington.

If you’re in Indiana and are struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction, contact us today. We will help you find an Indiana drug rehab center that best suits your needs.

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