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Religious Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers – Is Faith Important To You?

Religious Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Drug addiction has a long history of being treated not only with medicine and counseling, but also with religion. One of the foundations of the traditional 12-step program is to believe that a higher power can help you in your addiction recovery. The belief in God is thus incorporated into nearly all the steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and many other long-standing programs that have had positive histories of success. Not all programs are strictly Christian-based, however, so people of all backgrounds can find help for their addiction spiritually. Still going strong, addiction programs today offer the same high standards as the original 12-step programs, including religious-based rehabs that are non-12-step oriented as well.

The Benefits of Religious Rehab Centers

If you find yourself facing a drug or alcohol addiction, you may be struggling to handle it alone. Many people find that they don’t have the support they need from friends and family members to conquer their addiction, which is why religious-based rehabs are so helpful. If you believe in God, a religious-based program may help you find the strength you need to face your drug problems. There is a large support network in these rehabs, as the staff taking care of you and the other addicts there all share the bond of religion and the same core values. You’ll be able to talk and share your concerns about your faith as well as your addiction problems.

These type of programs can include group prayer and worship, Bible study, meditation, and drug education based on spiritual principles. From these faith-based activities, they believe that the addict will be less likely to relapse due to spiritual support and true repentance in the form of prayer. Not only does this process help the addict recover, but in turn it will also strengthen their faith and relationship with God. By repairing and improving this relationship, they are ultimately healing their addiction.

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What To Consider

If you consider yourself to be a spiritual person, then a faith-based rehab center may be the best choice for you. Of course, it all depends on the individual, and one should carefully consider such a program before signing up for one. According to a study done by Columbia University, 79% of Americans believe that faith can heal addiction. If you are struggling with drugs or alcohol and you believe this as well, religious-based rehabs might be your answer to recovery. If you don’t believe in this type of healing, then it is best to avoid these type of programs so that you can focus fully on recovery and not feel as if you are being forced into converting.

Be sure to look into religious-based programs in depth. As there are many different kinds of spiritual healing, you want to make sure you are attending a program that fits your needs. Christians may feel awkward if they enter a Catholic program or vice versa. Be sure that you are happy and comfortable with all the activities that a rehab has before signing up so that you don’t feel out of your comfort zone. One last added benefit is that many religious-based programs are inexpensive in comparison to other types; this is because many of the people who work there believe that drug addiction help should be affordable and are thus based on a non-profit or donation program.

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