Drug and Alcohol Rehabs that Accept First Health Network

Insurance coverage helps make paying for addiction treatment much easier and even possible for some individuals. First Health Networks is available in all 50 states and offers several coverage options for addiction treatment so individuals can get the help they need.

First Health Network offers coverage in all 50 states as well as Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia and is considered to be the nation’s leading Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance provider. Medical bills can be pretty expensive so people pay premiums to their health insurance companies to aid them when unexpected treatment comes up. Rehab is no different and most people don’t wait until after services are rendered to figure out how to pay for rehab. Sometimes asking the right questions from your health insurance provider can be a step in the right direction, and certain coverage often includes assistance for substance abuse treatment.

The fact is that the majority of the U.S. population can’t afford to pay for rehab out of their own pocket, and in turn over 23 million people are living with an addiction and “illicit and prescription drugs and alcohol contribute to the death of more than 90,000 Americans” (National Institute on Drug Abuse – NIDA). Most people don’t advance in their career or save up a bunch of money so that they can afford to pay for drug and alcohol rehab.

About Drug And Alcohol Treatment

Addiction treatment isn’t a one size fits all routine, because there are a lot of different types of addiction and different types of people; therefore there treatment and therapy methods can be widespread as well. One thing is going to be common with most addiction treatment centers and that is a detoxification process, which is usually necessary for someone to get a drug out of their system. “In the United States, more than 14,500 specialized drug treatment facilities provide counseling, behavioral therapy, medication, case management, and other types of services to persons with substance use disorders” (NIDA).

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Does First Health Network Cover Rehab?

Because of their relationship with parent company Aetna, First Health Network is able to provide service in over “5,000 hospitals, over 90,000 ancillary facilities, and more than 550,000 professional providers at over 1 million health care service locations in the network” (First Health Network). Drug and alcohol treatment can look different depending on where you go, what kind of drug you use, and how much of it you use. Addiction treatment can also range from detoxification to inpatient treatment and/or outpatient treatment.

Some insurance companies will only cover a person’s treatment for up to 28 days, and others might not even cover that much. First Health Network allows the doctor to determine the length of a person’s treatment based on their individual needs, and then works with the patient to get them fair and affordable coverage.

How Much Of The Cost Of Rehab Will First Health Cover?

The exact amount that First Health will cover for healthcare services will vary based on whether or not those services are within the network. Fortunately, First Health has developed a Strategic Solutions Program to ensure that everyone will receive at least a little aid whether or not treatment is in Primary Network, Secondary Network, or Non-Network Negotiation Services. The details of Strategic Solutions Program include:

Primary Networks

  • Greater network value through First Health Primary, and partnered relationships in specific markets
  • Includes seamless electronic administration of claims process with single point of entry
  • Best of both worlds – Use First Health’s national primary network in conjunction with a premier regional network in specific markets

Secondary Networks

  • You gain additional PPO savings on claims that result in out-of-network status through First Health
  • First Health has seamless interfaces with other PPO networks – we handle the electronic claims transfer with no additional transaction fees
  • Controls more of your out-of-network costs through downstream discounts

Non-Network Negotiation Services

  • First Health’s skilled negotiation options automatically take your designated out of network claims and work with the provider to negotiate a discount on the claim
  • A signed agreement is obtained through the provider which eliminates balance billing for your members
    (First Health Network)

Does First Health Network Cover Either Inpatient Or Outpatient Rehab?

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment come with their own benefits—but most importantly, patients are urged not to sell themselves short on services. It doesn’t matter which treatment method a person needs, they will receive coverage from First Health. This is partially because of The Mental Health Parity and Addiction Act of 2008, which “requires health insurers and group health plans to provide the same level of benefits for mental and/or substance use treatment and services that they do for medical/surgical care” (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration).

As mentioned before, everybody’s different, and therefore treatment needed and recovery paths will vary as well. Where one person might need 90 days of rehab, another person might only need 30 days—these things all depend on the doctor’s opinion. No matter which direction a person will go, the biggest difference is whether or not inpatient or outpatient treatment will be needed. Inpatient rehab is when a person lives on site for services, and outpatient rehab is when a person lives at home during treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Health Insurance Coverage

Addiction treatment can be a life changing decision and an investment in your future. Important decisions like these can come with questions—some can be answered by our helpful staff and others can be answered by First Health Network.

  • How much does inpatient rehab cost?
  • Does First Health cover detoxification?
  • Does insurance coverage vary by state?
  • How long does rehab last?
  • Is there a cap on the length of treatment?
  • Does treatment length vary based on what kind of drug I use?
  • Do I have to go to inpatient rehab?
  • What exactly does parity mean?
  • Does First Health cover luxury rehab treatment?

What If I Can’t Afford To Pay At The Time Of Services?

Even if you’re deemed eligible for First Health addiction rehab coverage, there’s always a possibility of a co-pay or medical bill. Like most insurance companies, some First Health coverage plans will work from a co-pay system. This will generally depend on individual coverage. Some might find that their out-of-pocket cost of rehab is outside their means; luckily most rehab centers are willing to set-up a payment plan or sliding-fee for these individual costs.

Let Us Help You Find The Right Treatment

You might be reading this thinking that it all sounds too good to be true, but the truth is, it isn’t. The right treatment is within reach. Just remember that addiction is a disease, and treatment isn’t always easy; it can be emotionally draining and drug withdrawals can be painful. No matter what, the final result of a healthy and sober life will be worth every penny. Our addiction specialists can find a rehab center that fits within your insurance network and your needs.

Contact us today at 888-757-5052 if you’re tired of living with the pain of an addiction, ready to leave it in the past, but don’t know where to go from here. Remember that there’s always a way to get the treatment you need—we can help you find it.

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