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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers That Accept Ambetter Health Plans

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 5, 2019

The expenses of paying for rehab add up quickly and can be overwhelming for individuals who do not have the proper insurance coverage. Ambetter Health plans work with a variety of rehab facilities to ensure that everyone gets the care and treatment they need.

Why should you choose a rehab center that works with your Ambetter Health plan? After you decide to enter rehab, you’ll have a lot of choices to make: where to attend rehab, how to prepare your home life for your absence, and how to pay for rehab. The results you get from treatment are vast, and you definitely get what you pay for.

This means that rehab costs can pile up quickly. If you have insurance, you’re already ahead, as most private health insurance plans now provide coverage for substance abuse and mental health services. The question is: exactly how much of those treatment services are covered by your Ambetter Health plan?

Working with a rehab center that accepts your plan gives you a better chance at lowering your overall expense for treatment and eases some of the tension of starting rehab. Undergoing treatment at a rehab center that doesn’t accept your insurance can be pricey. Even with insurance, your overall cost may amount to a few thousand dollars.

While it’s not impossible to find treatment without insurance, this can be very expensive. You may not want to go that route if you’re not financially set for it. That’s why it is so important to figure out which rehab centers accept your health plan, and make a choice based on that list if you can.

What Treatment Services Are Covered Under Ambetter Health Plans?

Treatment services covered by Ambetter Health plans vary according to each plan. However, the Ambetter Health site states, “Remember, your Essential Health Benefits are covered and will be equal across all plans.” And with Ambetter Health, substance abuse and mental health services are considered an Essential Health Benefit.

What does it mean for these benefits to be considered “equal across all plans”? In other words, all levels of Ambetter Health plans will provide coverage for substance abuse treatment, but the amount you pay, such as a monthly premium, and the out-of-pocket expense will differ according to plan.

For substance abuse treatment services to be covered, this likely means that all the care, diagnostics, testing, hospitalizations, and inpatient rehab stays should be covered by your insurance.

Rehab isn’t the only expense you will undergo in recovery, so it’s nice to know that all the maintenance appointments and diagnostic and testing visits that help you get into treatment will be covered as well.

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Which Rehab Centers Accept Ambetter Health Insurance?

Each rehab center will have different guidelines from the next about which health plans it accepts. Again, attending rehab without your insurance may get financially out of hand very quickly, so you’ll find it easier to choose a facility that accepts your insurance.

The first step to learning which rehab centers will work with you is research. You’ll need to compile a list of all the rehab centers that accept your Ambetter Health plan, compare different factors about each facility (like location, price, and especially the quality of care and treatment options), and finally make a decision from that list.

Sound a bit overwhelming? This process may seem daunting, but it’s a necessary step, and we at exist to help people find the best rehab center for treatment. It’s a big decision, one you don’t want to enter into lightly. Deciding to enter treatment is a big decision in itself, so you may be feeling intimidated at the thought of tackling the task of examining insurance and researching rehab centers.

That’s where we come in. We can help you with everything from poring over health plan guidelines, to researching the best rehab facilities for your treatment, to finding the rehab center that will best meet your needs.

What To Know About Your Plan Before Entering Rehab

Some insurance providers require that you call ahead to alert them of your plans to enter rehab. This is called certifying and can be a necessary step before going in for treatment. Some providers may not even cover your treatment if you fail to complete this step.

If you aren’t sure what’s required by your provider, we can help you figure it out. This process may be as simple as calling them or providing some documentation, but we can help you understand exactly what to do so you’ll be covered when you start treatment.

Other things you’ll want to know before you enter rehab include:

  • What percent of services does my plan cover?
  • What will be my out-of-pocket cost after insurance is paid?
  • How will I cover this cost? Can I get on a payment plan?
  • What services will I need: hospital stay prior to rehab, medication-assisted treatment, therapy, counseling?
  • Are professional services covered: counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists?

These are just a few of the details you’ll need to work out before you go. Our treatment specialists are experienced in helping you find the answer to these and other questions so you can focus on healing.

Is Rehab Worth The Price You Pay?

With all the preparation and cost that goes into planning for rehab, you may be asking yourself if it will really work. Fear and doubt may cloud your mind right now, but rest assured rehab is effective, and yes, it works.

Our rehab centers are renowned for the effectiveness of our treatment programs and exceptional quality of care. The inpatient rehab difference is that, with our private, residential facilities, you’ll find healing in a warm, welcoming environment. You’ll also have access to some of the best, evidence-based treatment methods available.

These key components are what ensures you a greater chance at healing. Recovery is not a single point in your life. Addiction is a chronic disease that will require long-term management. In treatment, you learn principles, skills, and behavior techniques that will help you manage your addiction for life.

What Treatments Are Available At Rehab Centers That Accept Your Plan?

To find what treatment options are available to you, the first step is figuring out where to go for treatment. If you talk to a specialist, they can direct you to rehab centers that will work with you to build a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.

Some of the research-supported methods we utilize at our rehab centers include:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Counseling
  • Wilderness therapy
  • Mental health treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment
  • Intervention services
  • Aftercare support

Find Your Rehab Center Today

Poring over insurance guidelines is a task none of us ever want to do. But when entering rehab, it’s extremely important that you know the limits and benefits of your health plan ahead of time. This is an extensive task sometimes, but you don’t have to do it alone.

Let us assist you in planning what’s sure to be one of the most crucial healing journeys of your life. Contact us today at to learn more about your Ambetter Health plan, which drug and alcohol rehabs accept it, and the treatment options available to you.

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