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RehabCenter.net Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept MagnaCare Insurance

MagnaCare provides self-insurance and healthcare services to residents of New Jersey and New York. Their website states that they follow “a simple formula: understand the needs of our members, recruit a network of providers to match their needs, and treat everyone like a neighbor.” For individuals struggling with an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol, MagnaCare may cover the majority of treatment costs and an inpatient rehab center.

MagnaCare Offers Regional And Nationwide Coverage

MagnaCare has an extensive network which provides its members with comprehensive coverage. This is offered regionally through their MagnaCare Access program, and nationally, through MagnaCare National Access.

RehabCenter.net Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept MagnaCare Insurance Needs Of Our membersAltogether, they have “70,000+ provider locations and 229 hospitals in the tri-state region,” along with “177,000 primary care physicians, 4,600 hospitals, and 333,000 specialists nationally.” With this network, chances are there’s coverage for drug and alcohol addiction treatment which fits your unique needs.

What is network coverage? When you have insurance, certain facilities and providers partner with insurance companies to provide you better access to more affordable care. Choosing a facility or provider from this network helps to keep your costs lower. Access to a national network means that you may be able to seek treatment out-of-state, an option which offers favorable, life-changing results for many people in need.

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Does MagnaCare Offer Substance Abuse Treatment?

If you’re in need of treatment, and if you have MagnaCare insurance, it’s critical that you understand the specifics of what your plan offers. By doing so, you’re working to ensure that you receive the best level of care for your drug or alcohol addiction.

You also want to consider what your needs are:

  • What drug of abuse are you seeking treatment for?
  • How long have you been using the substance for?
  • How severe is the abuse or addiction?
  • Do you have any medical conditions?
  • Do you have any co-occurring mental health disorders?

The answers to these questions will help to shape your treatment plan.

With all the terminology and restrictions, insurance can seem tricky. We understand this, which is why we train our staff to the highest level. We will help you determine how your insurance can work for you. In fact, we’ll even contact your insurance company on your behalf. Through this partnership we will find the best treatment plan available for your individual needs and circumstances.

What Coverage Does My Plan Offer?

In general, plans may place a limit on the number of days you can stay at a facility, or the amount of coverage per day. It’s important to find out these things before making arrangements, as they could influence how long you decide to stay. Every plan is different; so in order to determine your exact benefits, give us a call.

In both of these regards, some plans require that you meet your deductible before your benefits kick in, and/or that you cover co-pays. But before you decide to only stay as long as your benefits allow, keep on reading. Later on we’ll cover additional options to help you pay for treatment.

Certain drugs of abuse often require a medical detox, a process which supports you through withdrawal as your body cleanses itself of the drug. Various medications and nutritive support may be used during this time to aid in this treatment of your physical addiction.

But before you start treatment, it’s a good idea to see what medications are covered, and in what capacity, as not every medication is always included within your benefits. To help you with this, MagnaCare has a drug formula which lists preferred medications.

What Do I Have To Do To Use My Coverage?

In order to use your coverage, you will likely have to exhibit that treatment is medically necessary. This means that your insurance company might require evidence that you have a valid medical need for drug or alcohol treatment. Proof of which may be obtained from your physician or other qualifying medical professional. Certain facilities may also offer this assessment. You may have to have a prior authorization for certain types of medications used during treatment as well.

How Do I Know Which Rehab Is Best For Me?

RehabCenter.net Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept MagnaCare Insurance Work With Your ProviderAfter you’ve familiarized yourself with your coverage, you’ll want to utilize it to the best of your plan’s ability. When choosing a rehab, either for yourself or a family member, you’re confronted by a lot of options. These ultimately lead to many choices, some of which might seem confusing. Treatment decisions are not ones you should take lightly.

In order to make the best treatment plan, and to receive the highest quality of care, you need to understand what offerings are best for you, and also how they align with your plan. As you’re deciding, consider the following basics which influence a program’s design:

Outpatient Versus Inpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment is a better option for individuals who need to brush up on their coping skills after relapse, or for those who are stepping down from a residential inpatient program.

Inpatient programs offer far more in terms of access to staff, treatment modalities, medication-assisted treatment, and more. Inpatient programs also remove you from triggers for drug abuse which could be present during outpatient care. MagnaCare plans have varying levels of coverage, which may help you pay for outpatient and/or inpatient care.

Location of the Addiction Treatment Program

Certain concerns may dictate that a program close to home is better, such as family responsibilities. But despite their accessibility, these programs aren’t always best, as individuals face greater temptation to leave or give up treatment since they’re so close to home.

Choosing a program some distance away, or even out-of-state, helps to protect you from these risks. It also gives you more time to focus solely on your recovery. If a long-distance program is within your network, your insurance might make traveling to treatment an attainable option.

Short Versus Long-Term Care

If you can’t afford a longer program, or make arrangements to leave your life for a significant period of time, a 28 to 30-day program can be useful. But serious addictions, especially ones concerning strong opioids or heroin, are best treated by a longer duration of care. Ninety-day programs have been shown to offer the highest chance of lasting sobriety. Insurance may make it more feasible for you to seek a longer residential program.

Private Versus State-Funded Addiction Treatment Facilities

Many state programs may offer treatment at little to no cost to state residents. However, the quality of care and treatment options may not meet those offered at many private and specialized programs. With this said, your insurance may permit you to choose a private program which offers more intensive, on-site care.

Your coverage details may somewhat dictate how you decide to seek treatment, but they shouldn’t be the only factor. Your biggest consideration should be need. If you need treatment, you should do everything in your power to obtain it.

This isn’t something you have to face alone. We’re more than happy to help you decipher these details, and we will work with your insurance provider to make sure you’re getting the most of your MagnaCare benefits.

How Can I Supplement My Insurance Coverage To Obtain Treatment?

The need for treatment is great within our nation, and sadly, far too many individuals don’t  receive the care they so desperately need. A lack of finances is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t pursue treatment. Unfortunately, many of these individuals don’t realize that there are additional options beyond insurance benefits or paying out of pocket.

You shouldn’t just seek the bare minimum when looking for treatment. Effective care is best developed through an integrated, individualized approach. A variety of specialized programs exist which supplement research-based behavioral therapies with a host of dynamic treatment modalities. But because of this, these programs can become expensive.

RehabCenter.net Drug And Alcohol Rehabs That Accept MagnaCare Insurance Staff Is Highly Trained

If your insurance doesn’t cover the entirety of your stay, and you can’t fill in the gaps from you own pocket, here’s other options which might round out the payment:

Fortunately, our staff is highly-trained in these matters, and we’re standing by to help you make your insurance work for you.

Find a Rehab Center That Accepts MagnaCare Today

If you’re interested in learning more about drug and alcohol rehabs that accept MagnaCare, contact one of our treatment specialists today. RehabCenter.net will help you find a treatment program which offers the comprehensive care you deserve, so that you can build a successful recovery. Contact us today.

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