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Transitioning into a healthy and drug or alcohol-free lifestyle can often require a change in an individual's environment. Moving to Los Banos, California can provide the opportunity to make a change and enjoy a new setting without giving up the opportunity to seek treatment or enjoy a beautiful urban setting.


Los Banos is a mid-sized urban setting with almost 36,750 residents, explains City Data. Even though it is not a large city, it does have airports that are close to the center of town.

The Los Banos Municipal Airport makes transportation simple. Visitors and new residents can enjoy the close proximity to the city and easily reach any destination without wasting time. The airport is only about 1 mile to the west of town. For a slightly farther drive, the Gustine Airport is 15 miles to the north-west of Los Banos and Eagle Field is about 15 miles to the south-east.

Weather Conditions

The weather conditions in Los Banos are relatively mild and comfortable throughout the entire year. According to, the average temperatures during the winter range from a low of 38 degrees to a high of 69 degrees Fahrenheit. During the summer months, the temperatures generally range from a low of 59 degrees to a high of 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is rare for the temperatures to drop below freezing and most of the day will usually have comfortable temperatures, even during the middle of winter.

Drug Rehab Programs

Although Los Banos is a mid-sized or small urban area, it does offer a treatment program for individuals who are trying to recover from substance abuse or who have completed a treatment program and may need additional counseling or assistance to maintain a drug or alcohol-free lifestyle.

A New Way is only about 1/2 mile from the center of town and it offers a Christian approach to treatment. The program provides counseling, appropriate treatments for the needs of an individual and spiritual guidance.

Hotels and Lodging

Los Banos offers a variety of hotels and lodging options for visitors who are supporting a loved one who is in treatment or individuals who are planning to move to the area. The Best Western Executive Inn offers a reasonable price for visitors without giving up the comforts of a basic hotel. For a mid-ranged hotel, the Vagabond Inn Exec Los Banos is a good choice.

Employment Opportunities

Los Banos offers a variety of employment opportunities in different industries. According to City Data, the industries that provide employment in the city include construction, manufacturing, agriculture, retail and transportation. Additional positions are available in other industries, but most of the residents work in the primary industries within the city.

Enjoying a beautiful urban setting that is very different from a hometown can provide the change that is necessary to start working toward recovery goals. Addiction recovery can require a change and moving to a new area can be the shift that is required to start living a drug and alcohol-free life.

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