Washington DC Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

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Washington DC Long Term Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

Studies show that participating in long-term treatment programs are more effective than short-term or outpatient treatment programs. Washington DC has a variety of long-term treatment programs for those who are ready to make addiction a part of their past.

The District of Columbia ranks number 21 in drug overdose mortality rates amongst U.S. states, a 55% rise since 1999. What is perhaps more disturbing is the reality that most of these deaths are caused by the abuse of prescription drugs. Prescription drug overdose kills more people in Washington, DC, than heroin and cocaine combined. A troubling fact, considering these drugs are legally obtained, in reach of anyone who has access to your medicine cabinet.

While they may seem appealing, outpatient and short term rehab do not produce the high success rates that long term rehab does. An independent study conducted for St. Jude Retreats shows that long term rehab is far more effective than most treatment alternatives, as it isolates patients in a controlled setting away from their drug of choice. Most long term programs also offer skills training, counseling, medical management, and usually a host of other activities.

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