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Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept Molina Healthcare

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Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

January 31, 2019

The stress of finding the right treatment facility is high enough without also having to worry about the cost of treatment. Fortunately, Molina Healthcare is known for helping individuals get the care they need by reducing the cost of treatment through a variety of coverage plans.

Easing yourself into a state of recovery from addiction comes with many variables and steps that will keep you on track. One of the best ways to take a step toward your sobriety is for you to focus on getting into the proper care plan for your addiction. Though you may want to go it alone and take each day with caution, you’d be wise to let yourself have a great recovery experience with help from experienced professionals who can give you guidance.

If you choose to take the route of seeking rehabilitation on a professional scale, you’ll probably want some level of information regarding your payment options for treatment. Every facility or service center will have different prices, most of which seem very high to the average patient. Though treatment is expensive, thinking of the alternative costs incurred by addiction may make you realize the benefits of paying for the gift of sobriety.

The cost of treatment is high, but there are always options for reducing payments and getting your costs down to a very reasonable amount. Insurance is one of the best ways to cover the cost of treatment, and with all of the changes in the healthcare industry, substance abuse treatment is usually covered by most insurance companies. Facilities all over the world accept insurance for your treatment (more so now than ever) and at the end, your out-of-pocket remainder can usually be divided into monthly payments to make paying off treatment much easier for you.

Ease Your Stress With Molina Healthcare

To better reduce the stresses of payment for addiction treatment, get yourself into an insurance plan that will fit your needs and help you achieve recovery. One of the best insurance companies with highly-rated substance abuse and mental health coverage is Molina Healthcare. Although plans vary from region to region and state to state, Molina is known as a provider with exceptional plans to help reduce costs of both inpatient and outpatient treatments.

In starting your research on which insurance provider you’d like to enroll with, you will find that Molina Healthcare is one that usually doesn’t require preauthorization or diagnosis for your addiction treatment. This means that while you may stumble upon a need for medical diagnosis under other providers, making it more difficult to get approved for coverage, Molina almost always accepts that your treatment is necessary. Molina is also a company that offers low out-of-pocket payments. You may only have to pay $25 co-payments for your services, though some plans only cover 40 percent of treatment costs. Higher-level coverage plans will cover more cost than your co-payment and will usually cover a broader range of services.

Molina also boasts its wonderful coverage for mental health needs. With the growing need for addiction treatment paired with dually-treated mental illness, insurers like Molina understand that getting into treatment with reduced costs is imperative. Both inpatient and outpatient mental health treatments are covered by Molina. Depending on your plan, you may see coverage of up to 80 percent. These plans are generally at the gold level and may have higher premiums, but will leave you with very love coinsurance costs.

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Getting Coverage And Getting Treatment

The most beneficial part of recovery is finding a new sober life. Along with that sobriety comes other changes that will show you how stress-free life can really be. Continue to reduce stress by taking the next step toward recovery knowing that you have insurance coverage to help you with payments. Know that your facility may allow for you to pay any remaining bill by payment plan and that with Molina Healthcare, that bill will be very low.

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