Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept Medical Mutual

Many individuals seeking to overcome addiction may believe that they are unable to because they cannot afford treatment. Many rehab facilities, however, accept private health insurance, including Medical Mutual, so that everyone is able to get the treatment they need.

Through the struggle with a substance addiction, you may find that your time using and being controlled by drugs has come to a much-needed end. When you seek to stop your addiction and change your life for the better, one of the best decisions you can do to make the transition much easier, is to enter a treatment program. Allowing a team of professionals and like-minded individuals with similar experiences help you get through addiction and become sober is something that you should strongly consider. A treatment program can guide you with helpful resources that keep you sober for the rest of your life.

While considering a formal treatment program, you may find that your medical necessity is something that requires a more intensive program. Similarly, you may also be a better fit for a more casual setting in outpatient treatment. Regardless of the type of care you need to get you to a status of sobriety, you will find that treatment does often cost a good deal of money and can even have fees for initial admission that make the cost appear to be more than the worth of treatment. Reducing costs will become a number one priority for you, next to being in recovery, and there are ways in which to limit the out-of-pocket burden and make for a less stressful recovery experience.

Treatment With Medical Mutual Coverage

Know that treatment is something you will likely need in order to maintain your sobriety effectively and to give you insight on coping techniques and future goal-setting. Don’t let the cost of rehab prompt you to veer away from something that can make or break your sober lifestyle. Your bill for treatment–even if specialized for your individual needs–can be greatly reduced by enrolling in an adequate insurance program to cover many costs.

In recent years, substance abuse and mental health treatment have been made a higher priority due to increased numbers of addiction and mental illness that affects much of the country. With the change in populations affected, as well as frequent emergence of new drugs, insurance companies such as Medical Mutual have come forward in offering good coverage of substance abuse treatments.

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Medical Mutual is an insurance company that offers excellent coverage of many specialized services. Though coverage varies from state to state, and from one plan to the next, the company generally covers every type of rehab and substance addiction service, with minimal copay. Patients with Medical Mutual insurance will find that when they opt to get into an outpatient-based program, their coverage–if services occur with their network–will generally be around 60 percent of total cost, with out-of-pay amounts around 40 percent.

Inpatient and other types of care–such as holistic and alternative treatments–will typically be covered with a similar coinsurance cost as outpatient. Some plans cover the same amount as the corresponding medical benefits for each type of service. This means that an inpatient stay may be billed in the same way as a hospital stay. Likewise, therapy sessions within a rehab setting would be billed as if they were traditional therapy sessions, with a limit as to how many sessions may be covered within a given coverage period.

Medical Mutual also offers coverage for those suffering from a dual diagnosis. A dual diagnosis occurs when someone addicted to drugs or alcohol is also diagnosed with a mental illness. Mental illness is treated alongside the addiction, with one never being seen as the more important condition to treat than the other. Both traditional rehab settings, as well as hospital settings are common for treatment of a dual diagnosis. This makes the billing for insurance typically easier, with behavioral and mental illness commonly being covered in a similar way.

Medical Mutual plans usually offer no charge after you meet your deductible, and before, costs are commonly a percentage of each service’s individual charge, or a charge for an entire day of treatment. Percentage can also be calculated with services combined for treatment of both mental illness and substance addiction. Plans in different states and plans with different levels of coverage will vary, but you will be surprised by just how beneficial the coverage is for your treatment needs.

Getting Treatment Will Reduce Your Costs Overall

One thing you will find in seeking addiction treatment, is that what you would usually spend on drugs or alcohol is reduced enormously. The cost of treatment may look like a large amount, given that it is presented to you in a lump-sum manner, but if you were to calculate how much your addiction truly costs you, you’d find that you’ll be spending less to eventually save even more.

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