Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept Golden Rule

Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept Golden Rule

For all of those suffering from the hold that addiction has on life, your journey to recovery can begin with the ease of access to rehab that is now in place with insurance advantages. Healthcare has come a long way since the industry has increased its coverage of many medical fields, including those that cover mental and behavioral health needs. With addiction commonly falling under both categories, those who seek to change their lives by undergoing treatment are now able to cover high costs of rehab programs with insurance enrollment.

Enrolling in an insurance plan can often be the deciding factor that allows for rehab to be viewed as a possibility. The struggle to pay for costly treatments, therapies, and even prescriptions needed during aftercare can sway perspective for those who really need help getting better. Know that sobriety costs much less than addiction and that enrolling in an insurance plan, you’ll be readied to reduce costs and take your life back.

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Move Forward With Golden Rule Insurance

Gold Rule is among the top insurance companies in the US that recognizes the pressing need for drug and alcohol addiction treatment coverage. While making the decision to enter treatment may not be simple, insurance through Golden Rule can take you one step farther as you’ll be able to access the care you need for your individual ailments. With mental health coming into question alongside addiction, you’ll also be covered for services that treat dual diagnoses, making recovery that much easier.

Outpatient recovery is a great course of action for your treatment needs. It allows for you to be in your own atmosphere while still attending meetings, therapy sessions, and obtaining medical assistance necessary to your recovery. Golden Rule covers outpatient services, commonly with a $35 copayment per treatment session. For other outpatient needs, each service session is usually covered up to 80 percent. This means that you’d only pay 20 percent of the total cost for your addiction treatment sessions.

Inpatient needs are also recognized by Golden Rule. If you’re entering a treatment facility, the company offers coverage that varies by plan and location, but is commonly going to be 80 percent of your total treatment cost, with the remaining 20 percent billed to you. One important factor to note is that most facilities offering behavioral and/or mental health treatments do offer payment plans to make your remaining balance easier to pay off over time.

Getting Treated For Addiction: Easier Today Than Ever Before

Healthcare changes have made recovery from addiction a much easier task than in times past. When you get treatment covered by insurance, you reduce stress associated with financial burdens and you ultimately get your healthy life back. Getting into treatment does not need to be difficult. is here to help you find the best facility for your needs, get you information on insurance, and answer any questions you have on addiction. Contact us today and get the help you deserve!

* Disclaimer: is not affiliated with or endorsed by Golden Rule. Details about Golden Rule’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered.

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