Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept CoreSource

Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept CoreSource

With your new lease on life, you’ll find that you’re ready to seek out the proper care for your addiction treatment. Treatment ranges in terms of personal need, addiction type, and even mental health diagnoses. You may find that in attending rehab for your addiction, you’ll need to determine which type of treatment best suits your individual requirements. In today’s healthcare world, you are usually at liberty to choose which style of treatment will get you to where you need to be for recovery. Whichever route you choose, be ready for your sober path by eliminating stressful bills that come with rehabilitation programs.

To lessen the burden of fees and rehab bills, you will find that the best course of action to take is enrolling in an insurance plan. Addiction and mental health needs are becoming more prevalent, necessitating insurance enrollment to keep bills low and to encourage potential patients to get themselves into treatment.

You, too, can get enrolled in a healthcare plan that helps you lower bills and covers the customized care you desire for your addiction treatment. Addiction doesn’t have to continue its hold on your life. Get yourself covered by a top-notch insurance program and jump onto the road to recovery today.

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CoreSource: Your Path To Recovery

Addiction treatment is often far steeper in cost than most of us would expect. With all of the services offered at rehabilitation facilities, the medical support, and around-the-clock care at inpatient rehabs, it is no wonder that the bill remains high for those seeking sobriety. With insurance companies like CoreSource paving a path for the recovering patient, bills will be dramatically reduced, allowing for stress to be reduced as well.

CoreSource is among the many insurance companies offering plans that cover 80 percent of treatment costs. Many of these plans will allow for a participant to receive up to 45 days of treatment in a residential facility per calendar year. If coupled with another insurance plan, a long-term rehab stay can be had for a nominal out-of-pocket cost.

Outpatient sessions are also covered by CoreSource, lending the patient around 35 visits per year at a low copayment of 20 percent per visit. This means that when you’re ready to go to therapy or receive needed medical treatment for your addiction, you will be covered by your insurance plan for nearly all of your costs. With this in mind, you can also have full coverage of prescriptions when you meet your deductible, usually with little or no copayment attached.

Insurance Keeps You Moving Forward

Addiction is medical problem. Whether you’re plagued by a mental or emotional condition, or you’ve developed an addiction based on physical dependence alone, your chance to receive excellent care can be made easier with enrollment in a CoreSource plan. We at are here to get you into the best program for your recovery. With resources to connect you to facilities, insurance programs, and every answer you need about addiction, contacting us today will get you moving forward.

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