Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept ComPsych

Alcohol And Drug Rehabs That Accept ComPsych

Many upcoming decisions in your life will be difficult as you find yourself moving toward a path of recovery. Through all of the choices you’ll make and the options you’ll have with getting sober, you will find some points of stress that can set you back on achieving your goals. Getting treatment for your addiction is one important decision to make to begin your positive journey. Once you’ve made the choice to get help in getting sober, you’ll see that the clear sky ahead and you’ll be well on your way toward a bright future.

Jumping into the many possible setbacks in attaining a state of sobriety, you may come to wonder about how you’ll pay for the treatment you need. Addiction treatment can often come with a hefty price tag, making it all the more difficult to pursue. Along with rehab and therapy, there are often medications, outpatient services, and aftercare needs that you will be needing, and getting a complete course of treatment is the wisest decision, in order to stick to your guns and maintain your recovery.

Today, with the many new changes in the healthcare industry, addicted individuals are finding that costs for treatment are reduced dramatically with having insurance coverage. While monthly payments are reduced, you’ll also find that your options for treatment types and services will open up more, allowing for you to get the full spectrum of care that you need. Mental illness – something commonly paired with addiction in diagnosis – is also something that insurance companies cover more, so you’ll be readily able to get into the best treatment for your conditions.

ComPsych Provides Major Coverage For Those In Need

With many insurance companies offering coverage for substance abuse and addiction, ComPsych is among the top providers, especially for employee assistance. Companies desiring to cover their employees with reasonable insurance within a group rate tend to opt for ComPsych as their insurance of choice.

Benefits under ComPsych usually include no deductibles needing to be met. When you need treatment for addiction, outpatient services are generally covered entirely, though sometimes include a limit for the number of visits per service per calendar year for which you’re covered. While inpatient services and other medical needs, such as prescription coverage, are normally limited under ComPsych, individuals regularly use it to cover outpatient care while using a different primary insurer to pick up the bigger bills.

Coupling insurances together, ComPsych ends up being a major help because they require little to no deductible and offer large coverage for substance abuse services. Further needs, such as outpatient mental health care – such as intensive outpatient therapies – are also covered under ComPsych, usually without a deductible needing to be met, as well. Out-of-pocket payments remain low as you get the help you need with up to 100 percent coverage.

Pay Little To Get Help

Limiting your stress by limiting your costs for addiction treatment should be near the top of your priority list. The need for treatment is often specific to an individual’s experience with drug or alcohol addiction. Get help with discovering what treatments you may need by contacting us at With a wealth of information and endless resources, we are here to assist you with questions and answers, explanations, and connections to needed help in the addiction and healthcare industries. Contact us today and get yourself back on the road to success!

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