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Health insurance is one of the many wonderful resources that can help you get into a great treatment program while also lending to reduced overall costs of rehab. While rehab is often something that addicted individuals initially avoid, it can be of benefit to know that treatment can be covered by insurance, reducing that stress of bills when the program is complete.

Every insurance company and plan varies. State-specific plans lend to individual coverages that may be of a higher advantage to those undergoing substance abuse treatments. Checking on which companies cover the best plans for you in your region will greatly improve your chances of having reduced bills from entering rehab. is a source that provides excellent information to those seeking treatment coverage in any location.

Anthem Insurance By Blue Cross Blue Shield

Many divisions of BCBS exist for the purpose of covering all areas and states with specified services. One such division that helps in the coverage of substance abuse disorders and treatment, is Anthem. Depending on where you live and what services you require to get you to a point of recovery, Anthem can provide insurance for your addiction – given that you live in one of the 14 states in the US that the division covers.

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For those struggling with substance abuse and addiction, Anthem prides itself on providing excellent amounts of coverage, with out-of-pocket costs relatively low. Many of the gold-level plans for Anthem insurance cover all but 10% of your rehab stint, which applies to both inpatient and outpatient services. These plans usually depend on medical necessity and authorization limitations. If you opt for a plan that requires in-network providers, you may have to choose a facility that is approved by your plan, rather than any facility you desire. Though this can be limiting, it can also make for better coverage overall.

Anthem does commonly charge admission to a facility. With around $500 for initially getting into treatment, having the lower coinsurance or co-payment is well worth it. For some plans, a $10 copay per visit may be applicable, but that can also change when you opt for platinum plans or are in a state that covers more of your stay in rehab. When you opt for Anthem, know that you’re getting top-notch insurance from a provider that knows how difficult substance abuse can be, given its many high costs.

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Remember that getting into treatment doesn’t have to be so daunting. When you choose the style of treatment that fits your personal needs, you should move onto the next step, which is finding insurance to help you with cost. After your insurance plan’s coverage, your out-of-pocket pay can be made much easier if your facility agrees to a broken-down payment plan per month. Imagine the difference between paying large amounts of money for addictive drugs or alcohol, versus getting into treatment, getting your life back, and paying a small bill every month while you continue to get healthy.

Your life doesn’t have to be so hard. Addiction is difficult to break free from, but with some help, anyone can get to a point of recovery. Get back on track by contacting today. We are here to help you with any questions you have about addiction, treatment, and even insurance coverage. Reach out today and change your life!

* Disclaimer: is not affiliated with or endorsed by Anthem Health Insurance. Details about Anthem’s coverage are intended for informational purposes only. The specific details of your plan may vary and the specific treatment services you require may or may not be covered.

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