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Tramadol Addiction And The Best Rehab Centers For Treatment Tramadol Addiction And The Best Rehab Centers For Treatment

Tramadol addiction is a condition that often takes people by surprise as it rarely makes the evening news the way Oxycontin addiction does. Unfortunately, tramadol addiction is a reality and while it can be a safe pain control method when used properly, its addictive nature needs to be better understood by people interested in taking it.

Is Tramadol Addictive?

When used improperly, tramadol has a dangerous ability to get people “high” by creating an intense sense of euphoria. This feeling is very similar to that caused by opiate medicines, such as Oxycontin. Generally speaking, that euphoria is less intense and tramadol is less addictive than other opiates.

In fact, tramadol hasn’t even been classified as a “controlled substance,” meaning it is frequently prescribed as a “safer” alternative to Oxycontin. Often, it is even used in a method similar to methadone, i.e. treating addiction to harsher opiates.

Don’t mistake the relatively benign nature of tramadol as an indication that is 100% safe. Tramadol addiction is still possible and abusing it can easily force you into the spiral of dependency.

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Who Is At Risk Of Tramadol Addiction?

Due to its relatively non-addictive state, tramadol addiction is usually more common in people who have suffered from some kind of addiction in the past. However, that doesn’t mean it’s limited to them: studies have shown that addiction to tramadol can even strike people with no history of addiction, even to substances as common as nicotine or caffeine.

As a result, people are often blindsided by tramadol addiction. Partially, this is due to the fact that it has been so rarely discussed, but thankfully discussions of tramadol addiction are becoming more open.

Symptoms Of Tramadol Addiction

People struggling with tramadol addiction are often unwilling to admit they have a problem. After all, tramadol is a medicine prescribed by their doctor: how could it possibly be addictive? Unfortunately, this belief has led to too many people nursing lengthy and damaging addictions.

Common symptoms of addiction to tramadol include:

  • using it multiple times per day, when prescription calls for once a day use
  • repeatedly and aggressively asking for refills
  • visiting multiple doctors for multiple prescriptions
  • obsessing over the amount of tramadol left in the house
  • accidental overdose, even one time

These are just a few examples of the symptoms that may indicate tramadol addiction and if you or anyone you love shows these symptoms, tramadol addiction is likely.

Side Effects Of Tramadol

Like any drug, tramadol comes with its own series of potential side effects. Many of these are relatively benign, while others are more serious. People properly using tramadol are less likely to run into these problems, but people suffering from tramadol addiction increase their risk.

Common health problems caused by tramadol use include:

  • sensitivity to touch
  • bloody urine
  • chills or fever
  • balance control problems
  • increased blood pressure
  • blisters
  • blurry vision
  • bloating or excessive gas
  • pain in various parts of the body (arms, legs, jaw, calves)
  • nausea

More severe health problems are more commonly associated with tramadol overdose. These problems include:

  • sudden changes in consciousness
  • irregular heartbeat
  • breathing difficulties
  • confusion
  • anxiety and paranoia
  • loss of consciousness, coma, and even death are possible with tramadol overdose.

Tramadol Addiction Treatment

The first step in beating a tramadol addiction involves detoxification. This is usually done cold turkey and can cause withdrawal symptoms. People suffering from tramadol withdrawal will likely feel anxiety, experience hallucinations, get nauseous, suffer from panic attacks, and fall into severe confusion. Detoxification is most effective as an inpatient procedure, but outpatient options are available.

After about two weeks of detoxification, any underlying physical or mental health problems will be diagnosed and treated. This will return you to a healthy state of both mind and body that is useful for fighting addiction. You will also learn craving control methods and other useful methods for reclaiming a clean and focused life.

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