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West Virginia Rehab  CentersCarved out of the mountainous western portion of Virginia during the Civil War, West Virginia straddles the rugged and heavily forested Appalachian Mountains. The state is best known for its vast coal mining industry, its natural beauty, and its unique mountain folk music traditions. Once considered a remote backwater, West Virginia now boasts a vibrant economy based on coal mining, chemical production, biotechnology research and development, automobile manufacturing, and tourism. Indeed, West Virginia ski resorts offer people from the East Coast excellent opportunities to pound the powder.

Unfortunately, some West Virginians pound a different kind of powder in the form of illicit drugs. US government statistics rate drug use in West Virginia higher than the national average, and drug use among young adults between 18 and 25 in West Virginia is well above national averages. Drug-related deaths in West Virginia are also higher than national averages. People entering rehab in the Mountain State report prescription drugs as the number one drug of abuse, followed Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Virginia Rehab Centers Specialists Todayby marijuana and cocaine. Luckily, West Virginia is served by a number of fine drug and alcohol rehab centers. Cities like Huntington and Charleston provide inpatient and long term programs, some as long as 90 days.

Help is just a few clicks away. If you live in West Virginia and have a drug or alcohol problem, you must take action to recover your live. Contact us free of charge today for more information about rehab centers in West Virginia.

Cities with Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in West Virginia