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Michigan Rehab CentersMichigan’s geographic location makes it a very appealing place to live. Surrounded by the Great Lakes, Michigan is a natural transportation hub, and throughout its history, that proximity to easy shipping has helped make Michigan one of America’s leading industrial states. Famous for the many automobile manufacturers based in Detroit and Flint, Michigan is synonymous with the American auto industry. Today, Michigan’s economy is more diverse and includes strong or emerging sectors in agriculture, mining, food products, aerospace, defense, and information technology.

But Michigan’s auto industry has been declining for many years, a situation that has led to economic hardship, which in turn has caused a higher than average rate of alcohol and drug abuse. According to US government figures, more than 9 percent of adult Michigan residents have used illegal drugs in the previous year, higher than the 8 percent national average, with marijuana and heroin the most commonly reported drug of abuse. With the recent surge in prescription drugs, pills are becoming a huge problem for Michigan residents. Strong cravings for opiates causes crime in cities like Pontiac, and Traverse City. In response to its drug abuse problem, Michigan Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Michigan Rehab Centers Specialists Todayhas many fine rehab facilities that serve all parts of the state.

If you live in Michigan and find yourself struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, contact us today. We can help you find the best rehab situation for your needs.

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