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Kentucky Rehab  CentersFrom the Cumberland Plateau in the east to the Purchase in the west, the Commonwealth of Kentucky is one of America’s most beautiful states, boasting of a long and rich history as a player in the development of the United States. A birthplace of presidents, legends, and movie stars, Kentucky today has a diverse economy based on energy extraction, automobile manufacturing, agriculture, and defense. In addition, Kentucky has long been famous for its southern hospitality and culture, and every year thousands flock to Churchill Downs for the annual running of the Kentucky Derby horse race.

Like many states in the region, Kentucky’s diverse population has its share of drug and alcohol afflictions. In higher populated cities like Lexington, Covington and Danville we find meth lab busts more frequently. Abuse of alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and methamphetamine among Kentuckians are above national averages, as is the rate of deaths induced by drugs. Abuse of methamphetamine is particularly high in Kentucky, with more than 4500 people in 2010 citing it as their Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Kentucky Rehab Centers Specialists Todaydrug of abuse when admitted to a rehab facility. Consequently, many superb alcohol and drug rehab centers call Kentucky home.

If you call Kentucky home and have a drug or alcohol problem, life-saving help is only a phone call or email away. Contact us today for a comprehensive listing of rehab facilities in Kentucky.

Cities with Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Kentucky

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