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Delaware Rehab CentersDelaware, proud to be the first state to ratify the US Constitution, is a small state with much influence. Home to many multinational corporations, including DuPont Industries, Delaware’s influence is felt the world over. Besides DuPont, many other major corporations and industries are based in Delaware, including manufacturing and banking industries. Fewer than 1 million people live in Delaware, most in the capital city of Wilmington, but the population ranks 9th in median income among the 50 states.

But as in most American states, many people in Delaware struggle with alcohol and drug abuse. According to US government statistics, illicit drug use in Delaware is about 9 percent of the population, slightly above the national average of 8 percent. People entering rehab in Delaware report that marijuana, heroin, and opiates are the most commonly abused drugs besides alcohol. Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Delaware Rehab Centers Specialists TodayDelaware also ranks as one of the top ten states for cocaine abuse.

Fortunately, Delaware is also home to many outstanding alcohol and drug rehab facilities, and the first step to recovery is just a few clicks away. Contact us today for help in finding the right drug or alcohol treatment center near you.

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