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Arkansas Rehab CentersKnown for the natural beauty of the mythical Ozark Mountains and nicknamed The Natural State, Arkansas is home to approximately 3 million people and a vibrant economy that is quickly shedding its mostly agricultural past. Arkansas also has a rich culture, embodied in the form of Bluegrass and country music festivals. Today, Arkansas hosts 4 Fortune 500 companies, including the headquarters of Wal-Mart, the world’s largest retailer. Industries from food processing to manufacturing to energy now employ thousands of Arkansawers.

But despite the easy pace of life and the mild southern climate, Arkansas has a higher than average rate of alcohol and drug abuse. In Ft. Smith Arkansas there is a great treatment program. US government statistics reveal that in recent years, Arkansas has been one of the top-ten states in rates of illicit drug use other than marijuana, prescription drug abuse by teens and children under 12, and meth lab seizures. Fortunately, Arkansas is also home to many good rehab centers that help thousands of Contact Our Drug And Alcohol Arkansas Rehab Centers Specialists Todaypeople recover their lives from the pain of addiction and substance abuse.

Find the right Arkansas drug and alcohol rehab center near you. Contact us today for a comprehensive list and for immediate counseling about how drug and alcohol rehab can benefit you.

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