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80 Florida Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Inpatient Rehab Centers in Florida Offer Effective Recovery Programs for Substance Abusers

Known for its beautiful coastline, abundant sunshine, and magical theme parks, Florida also has many residents who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. Fortunately, the Sunshine State also has numerous facilities that help people caught in the grip of an addiction. Florida Inpatient Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Rehabilitation centers in Florida treat a diverse population with a wide range of the latest techniques. From traditional 12-step programs to long-term in-patient care, Florida offers a number of treatment options.

From the Keys to the Panhandle, Florida’s Programs Bring Hope to Many

Lots of Florida inpatient facilities are located in Miami, with many of them ideally situated on the serene Florida coastline. For example, the compassionate staff of counselors and addiction psychiatrists at the Miami Behavioral Health Center focus on substance addiction recovery for patients with a dual diagnosis of addiction and a mental illness and offer long-term residential options. They also provide assistance for Spanish-speaking patients and patients who require hearing assistance.

In nearby Fort Lauderdale, the Fort Lauderdale Addiction Treatment Center offers individualized treatment programs, which involve 12-step recovery plans, cognitive behavioral therapy, and the belief that “one size does not fit all.” Patients are carefully assessed so that specialists can create and initiate a recovery program designed to best accommodate that patient’s specific needs. Recreational activities that are therapeutic in nature are also available.

The Transitions Recovery Program facility in Miami is another one of Florida’s highly respected treatment centers that administer the latest medical and psychological tools available for helping addicts restructure their life in a way that facilitates sober living. In addition to drug and alcohol addiction, Transitions also treats patients suffering from eating disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and sexual addictions.

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Florida inpatient programs can provide caring, individualized treatment plans that approach every client’s needs with hope and support. However, you are the only one that can make the call that changes your life.

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Cities with inpatient addiction treatment centers in Florida